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    The Summer Olympics

    Yeah I just heard about that. That really sucks, because I believe she was the best team USA had. But, it sounds like they were still able to win Silver without her, so that's great!
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    Check out the 75th anniversary Browns uniforms

    I think they're already available for pre-order now, but I'm not 100% sure. The uniforms don't really look all that different, but I am all for buying these types of jerseys.
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    Do you think Baker being in commercials hurts out chances?

    Well no, because has it caused any issues for the likes of other players? You even mention Aaron Rodgers, who does a ton of commercials as it is, and he was the league MVP last season. I know some players let it go to their head and that sometimes messes with their game, but Baker played great...
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    MLB has gotten better since they took out the substances

    That's actually pretty awesome, considering that these changes brought baseball back kinda. I mean, I wasn't all too fond of baseball these days, but with these new changes, it sounds like baseball is kind of rebounding and getting better. So hopefully this trend continues, because I'd like to...
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    What happens if the Browns don't live up to the hype?

    I agree. I think we are stuck in this mentality of losing, that we're afraid of it. Now that we're winning, there is probably a bit more paranoia. I am not too worried.
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    Who you got winning in 2022 for the NBA?

    I'm going to predict it now, the Cavaliers are going to go to the Finals next season.
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    Browns players you can see making the pro bowl

    I think I can see Myles Garrett and Nick Chubb for sure. Baker Mayfield, I don't think will make the cut, but crazier things have happened.
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    Will Odell Beckham Jr. play his best after his ACL surgery?

    idk about his best, but he will be playing on a new level I think. I just hope he plays better than last year, mainly because he does need to prove himself and on top of that, he played injured last year didn't he? So he will be more recharged, and a lot more healthy. I just hope he can deliver...
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    NFL Executive Would Take Nick Chubb Over Derrick Henry

    Honestly, I don't know if I would select Chubb of Henry. No offense, I love the guy, but I think Derrick Henry is on another level period. Chubb is brilliant as well, but idk if he matches the skill of Henry, at least not yet.
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    Think team USA can win gold in basketball during the Olympics?

    Honestly, idk. They just lost their second exhibition game against Australia, so who's to say if this team is even on the right page.
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    My prediction for the Browns this year - 13-4

    17-0 would be even better. 😁
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    Roger Federer out of the Olympics due to knee injury

    More bad news on the Olympics, as another person had to bow out, this time it's Tennis star Roger Federer, who's surgically repaired knee was giving him problems, so he had to withdraw from the Olympics altogether. Sucks that he can't make it, but I think he'll be back in the next one. Source: msn
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    What NFL team will be the worst this year?

    Jets are at the forefront for sure, but I would also include the Lions. The Jaguars may do better this year, but they may still be at the bottom as well. We shall see soon enough though.
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    Sha'Carri Richardson suspended from Olympics for marijuana use

    Yeah, it's time to change the rules for the Olympics.
  15. StanDaMan Names Cleveland Browns As Most Complete Team

    I believe they have the best team period. They better live up to all this hype.