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    Richard Sherman is still out there

    We don't need him. We are set at corner.
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    Donovan Peoples Jones big year

    I anticipate 2022 is when People-Jones is going to burst onto the scene in the league. We still got a lot of receiver talent under contract right now.
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    Jarvis Landry Celebrity Softball Game Tailgate
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    Julio Jones Trade Chatter

    There is a lot of trade chatter about Julio Jones, but why are people ready to give up on Odell so fast?
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    Francisco Lindor Struggling

    $341 million for a guy who cant even hit .200. :LOL:
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    Njoku gonna be here long term?

    I don't know about beyond this year, but I'm glad this trade request nonsense is finally over with.
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    Myles Garrett has been in beast mode

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    Browns defense should be a top 5 unit

    No surprise here. The media always overhypes the squealers every year.