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  1. Browns4Life

    Myles Garrett and Ethan Pocic injury update

    That bye week is more needed than ever at this point. Garrett and Pocic need that extra rest right about now.
  2. Browns4Life

    The silver lining for the Week 4 loss is that the Browns will enter a Bye Week, right?

    Thank goodness for this bye week. Take this time to re-evaluate and recover. By the time we face the 49ers, hopefully we can beat them and their undefeated streak.
  3. Browns4Life

    DTR will get better

    3 Ints in his debut is pretty bad, but many greats have had poor first games before. It's not like every pro QB has had it easy. He'll get there and will become a great QB.
  4. Browns4Life

    Nick Chubb revealed to only suffered a torn MCL

    Well no, this season is done for him, but he will likely be back before the next training camp during the off season. So he should hopefully be back for next season.
  5. Browns4Life

    Browns throw some shade at refs for controversial Amari Cooper call

    Refs deserve some hate tossed on them for making dumb calls. This was a dumb call, albeit not a major one that resulted in us losing, but it's still a blown play I'm sure we would have liked back.
  6. Browns4Life

    Browns going after Devante Adams?

    It could be the boost we need to get this offense moving, but I don't know if he will want to play for us seeing how our offense has been. Also our recent history probably won't entice him enough either.
  7. Browns4Life

    Chubb out the rest of season due to severe knee injury

    I don't know if he will ever fully recover from this. It's going to suck not having him out there every week. I also hope this isn't a career ending injury like some are saying it could be.
  8. Browns4Life

    They've brought in Kareem Hunt

    Yeah it was kind of expected of the Browns. You have a perfectly worthy running back, sitting back waiting to be called in, and he's called in right att he right moment. I'm happy to have Hunt back, just wish it wasn't at the expense of losing Chubb. :(
  9. Browns4Life

    Titans next, what are our chances now without Chubb?

    Browns got this one, we'll be 2-1. And with Hunt in for Chubb, I'm not as worried as I was.
  10. Browns4Life

    Deshaun Watson wont be disciplined for contact with official during Mondays game

    Yeah this was nothing major at all, if they did fine him or suspend him for this, I think people would have had a field day with it and call the NFL out for such a dumb thing.
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    Browns @ Steelers - Sep 18th

    Steelers looked like chumps, and the Browns are going to eat them chumps up! :D
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    Analyst Says Browns Can Beat ‘Anyone’ In The NFL

    Would love to see them go 17-0 and win the Super Bowl. Would really cement the Browns legacy.
  13. Browns4Life

    Predict Browns 2023-2024 record

    12-5 is honestly not a bad record to land on. If Browns could do that or better I would be overjoyed. I think they could make that a reality, maybe even a 13-4 or 14-3. We'll see how it goes though. I'd take a winning record and a playoff berth.
  14. Browns4Life

    Is it time we got rid of artificial turf?

    I think it has caused more injuries than grass does. But I am not 100% sure on that. It sounds like a lot of players think that's the case though, and are looking to outright have it banned. I think if players don't like turf, maybe there's some truth to the matter?
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    Browns have 9 losing seasons in last 10 years, can we change that?

    My time as a fan has been much of the same. I feel like it's inevitable at this point for the Browns to continue to have losing seasons. They are always trying to build, but they can never muster where the right puzzle pieces go. But yeah, I second Haslam going, or selling away his rights. I...
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    Browns may be interested in bringing back Odell Beckham Jr.

    I honestly would be for this. He shouldn't ask for much on a contract, so I can see the Browns pulling him in. He's been showing interest for many teams, so we'll see if he lands with us or somewhere else.
  17. Browns4Life

    Browns now have eye on Jessie Bates III after releasing John Johnson III

    Gotta make the hard choices sometimes. We can't afford to keep everyone, even if he's a great talent, sometimes we have to cut the good ones too. He'll have a great career though, so he'll be fine.
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    Deshaun Watson hints at recruiting DeAndre Hopkins

    Hopkins on the Browns, color me intrigued. I think if it helps Watson perform better having him around, I'm all for it.
  19. Browns4Life

    Annual Rushing Title in NFL changed to the Jim Brown Award

    Good, he deserves an award to be named after him. Makes sense to have him have that title. I'm sure they could name another award for most rushing TDs to someone like Barry Sanders or something.
  20. Browns4Life

    LeBron breaks the all-time scoring record (NBA- Duh!😁)

    If he didn't get it that game, he would have easily gotten it the next. I'm glad he pulled it off in that game, because clearly he means business and still has it in him to score 30+ a game if he wanted to.