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  1. JonesYJ

    Think we'll draft an OL first in the draft?

    According to a mock draft, the Browns may pick up an offensive lineman with their first pick. I could see that happening, but who knows for sure at this point. They think Tyler Linderbaum could be our first pick. You can read about this pick here...
  2. JonesYJ

    Ravens @ Browns Dec 12th

    Another loss will pretty much seal it for us. Even if we got lucky and all the other teams ahead of us start losing, it probably won't make much of a difference.
  3. JonesYJ

    I'm going to be okay if the Browns can't make the playoffs

    Eh, I will be disappointed, but I think I'll get over it. They need to fix things fast though. I can't go another season with us going back to the losers table.
  4. JonesYJ

    Well Cavs have fallen off again

    They seemed to be doing so well, but they're now 9-10 on the season. They are on a 5 game losing streak since going 9-5. I hope they can rebound from this and get back to winning soon here. Doesn't help not having Mobley out there, but he should be back soon. Do you think they can rebound form...
  5. JonesYJ

    Browns to face Ravens Nov 28th

    Ravens are a team that is capable of making the playoffs and going even further. They are an elite team right now and are possible frontrunners for a super bowl run. We are a team on the outs looking in, but these Browns still have a chance if they can win this game. But I'm with Grant, I...
  6. JonesYJ

    Emily Mayfield Calls Out Browns Team, Rips Players

    Dumb move on her part imo. Just makes it look like she's burying the team and saying they are the reason we're losing. When in reality this is a group effort and I see most of this team equally to blame for our faults. Baker isn't perfect, but he isn't the worst QB out there today. He has to...
  7. JonesYJ

    Looks like we're 5-5 now :(

    Yup, more losses for this team, but hey, next week we got the Lions, so that should be easy peasy.
  8. JonesYJ

    How many sacks will Myles Garrett get against the Patriots?

    He's only been able to record one sack in todays game so far. I hope he can get a few more before the game ends, but the way we're playing, I don't know if it'll happen.
  9. JonesYJ

    Browns At Patriots November 14th

    After the Browns performance today against the Bengals, I saw a renewed team. The Bengals aren't the best team, but they have improved and the Browns took it to them today. Now we're on track to face the New England Patriots and honestly I'm not too psyched about it. I feel like we could easily...
  10. JonesYJ


    And good thing it was a team above us in the division, so now we're 3rd. If we can somehow get 2nd in the division or get the wildcard, we can make the playoffs.
  11. JonesYJ

    Browns to face Bengals next, can we win?

    The Bengals scare me, but maybe with their recent loss to the Jets, will lose some momentum and maybe we can run in there and get the win. It would be a big win for us right about now.
  12. JonesYJ

    The Browns are second best rated team in the league?

    Yeah, their most recent game was another bust, and now I imagine we're further down the list once more games are played this week. But, maybe we can recover from this and improve. We gotta get back to winning. This team can do it, I know they can.
  13. JonesYJ

    Steelers to meet Browns on Halloween

    I can't wait for Halloween. I hope it's a easy win for us, because we could use an easy win right about now.
  14. JonesYJ

    Baker will practice Wednesday

    So it looks like Baker may be playing next week, as he was said to be practicing this Wednesday or tomorrow to be exact. This of course does not mean he will start. Keenum could still start. Baker could just be training to stay ready. What do you think? Will he play, or will it be Keenum again...
  15. JonesYJ

    Broncos meet Browns for Thursday Night Football this week

    Yeah, the sad truth is, I don't see us going over the Broncos so soon. We're dealing with too many injuries and problems period. I don't think we can overcome this obstacle. But, if we do somehow win, I will be impressed.
  16. JonesYJ

    Domonique Foxworth: The Browns Are Finished In 2021

    Do you agree with his assessment that the Browns are finished this year? I hate that he thinks this team is done, but it feels like it with the way things have gone so far. The injuries are the big issue, and the fact that Baker can't play 100% is another issue. Maybe Case coming in will help...
  17. JonesYJ

    Jon Gruden out as coach of the Raiders

    Most likely what will happen. I don't want anyone from the Browns to be outed, but if there are people on our side who are saying bad things like Gruden, then no way will I support that person. I do see more being outed though. It's kind of a given at this point.
  18. JonesYJ

    If Baker has to be taken out, will Case Keenum be good enough?

    In order for him to be taken out now, he would need to play like crap again, and I don't think he'll be doing that anytime soon. I think he's on a rise right now, so I don't see him playing bad anytime soon. But, if they do take him out, I can't see Case Keenum doing that good. But if we can get...
  19. JonesYJ

    Chris Hubbard will need season ending surgery on triceps

    No luck for us it seems. We gotta keep this team healthy. I imagine we'll have someone on the practice squad ready to go. But if needed, we'll find someone to take over for the time being. Hopefully he's back in full force next season.
  20. JonesYJ

    Russell Wilson is going to be out 4-8 weeks

    Looks like Russell Wilson injured his right middle finger in the game against the Rams on Thursday, and recently had surgery to repair it. There was actually two injuries to the finger, one being an extensor tendon rupture and comminuted fracture-dislocation of the proximal interphalangeal...