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  1. JonesYJ

    Think we'll draft an OL first in the draft?

    According to a mock draft, the Browns may pick up an offensive lineman with their first pick. I could see that happening, but who knows for sure at this point. They think Tyler Linderbaum could be our first pick. You can read about this pick here...
  2. JonesYJ

    Well Cavs have fallen off again

    They seemed to be doing so well, but they're now 9-10 on the season. They are on a 5 game losing streak since going 9-5. I hope they can rebound from this and get back to winning soon here. Doesn't help not having Mobley out there, but he should be back soon. Do you think they can rebound form...
  3. JonesYJ

    Emily Mayfield Calls Out Browns Team, Rips Players

    Dumb move on her part imo. Just makes it look like she's burying the team and saying they are the reason we're losing. When in reality this is a group effort and I see most of this team equally to blame for our faults. Baker isn't perfect, but he isn't the worst QB out there today. He has to...
  4. JonesYJ

    Browns At Patriots November 14th

    After the Browns performance today against the Bengals, I saw a renewed team. The Bengals aren't the best team, but they have improved and the Browns took it to them today. Now we're on track to face the New England Patriots and honestly I'm not too psyched about it. I feel like we could easily...
  5. JonesYJ

    Baker will practice Wednesday

    So it looks like Baker may be playing next week, as he was said to be practicing this Wednesday or tomorrow to be exact. This of course does not mean he will start. Keenum could still start. Baker could just be training to stay ready. What do you think? Will he play, or will it be Keenum again...
  6. JonesYJ

    Domonique Foxworth: The Browns Are Finished In 2021

    Do you agree with his assessment that the Browns are finished this year? I hate that he thinks this team is done, but it feels like it with the way things have gone so far. The injuries are the big issue, and the fact that Baker can't play 100% is another issue. Maybe Case coming in will help...
  7. JonesYJ

    Russell Wilson is going to be out 4-8 weeks

    Looks like Russell Wilson injured his right middle finger in the game against the Rams on Thursday, and recently had surgery to repair it. There was actually two injuries to the finger, one being an extensor tendon rupture and comminuted fracture-dislocation of the proximal interphalangeal...
  8. JonesYJ

    Baker has been injured this whole time?

    It looks like Baker has a partially torn labrum since September 19th after facing the Texans, where he had his dislocated shoulder put back in place. And there is some worry about it being worse. I mean, he hasn't played the greatest recently and we've relied heavily on our defense quite a bit...
  9. JonesYJ

    Richard Sherman is now with the Buccaneers

    Looks like Richard Sherman is not done just yet, as he has recently signed a deal with the Buccaneers, and I guess Tom Brady was a deciding factor of reaching out to him to join the team. Sherman was an unrestricted free agent after the Seahawks' pretty much let him go. At 33 he may be at the...
  10. JonesYJ

    Report: Browns Schedule Workout With LB Reuben Foster

    From They are having him workout today, do you think they will bring him in? I think we could use someone like him, and I think he'd add a lot to the team. What do you guys think of them bringing him in?
  11. JonesYJ

    How would you react if the Browns win the Super Bowl?

    The Super Bowl is something the Browns need to win, and I think they need it now. I think 2022 is the year the Browns do it. I have high hopes they win the Super Bowl this season. And I think I would react accordingly. I think I would go crazy, jump around my house acting like an utter fool. And...
  12. JonesYJ

    Gable Steveson, with gold medal in hand, weighs future in UFC or WWE

    Do you think that Gable Stevenson will join the UFC to take his talents to the MMA world? Or will he jump to a much safer endeavor by joining the WWE? For those who don't know what the WWE is, it's a pro wrestling organization. SO think pretend fighting. But, a person like Gable Stevenson would...
  13. JonesYJ

    What are your impressions on Mack Wilson?

    Are you excited to see what Linebacker Mack Wilson can do? I'm hearing some good things about him, and I guess he's rocking it at training camp right now. And of course you got Anthony Walker who is helping out quite a bit too it seems. Who's as psyched as I am right now...
  14. JonesYJ

    Calvin Johnson wanted to leave Detroit, but they wouldn't let him

    Calvin Johnson did not want to finish his career out with the Lions, he instead wanted to finish with another team. But, the Lions wouldn't let him leave. It kind of reminds me of what is happening with Rodgers in Green Bay. Their relationship is still on the rocks, but the Lions want to sort...
  15. JonesYJ

    Unlikely teams Rodgers might try to join

    What are some teams that aren't currently in discussion for Rodgers, but could possibly be secretly lobbying for him? I imagine there are a lot of teams that want to pick him up. I could see The Panthers, Jets, and a few others teams trying to get him. But, what teams do you think are unlikely...
  16. JonesYJ

    Do you tailgate to the preseason games?

    I prefer to tailgate the regular season games, but I have tailgated pre season games a few times. What do you guys prefer though? Do you like do tailgate preseason games or just focus on the season?
  17. JonesYJ

    If the Browns had a chance for Aaron Rodgers, would they take it?

    This Aaron Rodgers talk is all over the place lately. He was MVP last season after all, and is a high valued player. If it were a possibility that the Browns could get Rodgers, do you think they should? I honestly don't think they should. He's getting older and I don't think he's going to be...
  18. JonesYJ

    What Football family has the most players in the NFL?

    There are a lot of players in the league that are family. From brothers, fathers, cousins, uncles, etc. You get my point. Essentially there are generations of players that are related to past stars in the NFL. I'm curious though, which NFL family has the most players in the NFL? How many...
  19. JonesYJ

    If Rodgers stays with Packers, think he'll tank the season?

    There have been rumors of Rodgers rift with the Packers for a while now. It seems he wants out, but the Packers aren't letting him go anywhere. If they somehow keep Rodgers at center, do you think Rodgers will play up to his level? Or will he slack off and tank the season because he wanted out...
  20. JonesYJ

    OBJ Will Play In Jarvis Landry’s Celebrity Softball Game

    Dope, I hope I can attend. Last year this event was cancelled due to covid, and now it's back on for this year. Who here is attending? You can read more about this news here - Browns Nation