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    Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Proving To Be A Draft Steal For Browns

    Yeah he's been huge for this team. Truthfully, even though we're struggling this season, there's still something special growing with this team.

    What teams do you see leading the NBA?

    The NBA has mostly just started and things have been popping off pretty good. So far the teams leading the NBA in win/loss are: Top 5 - Eastern: TEAM W-L PCT GB CONF DIV STRK 1 Nets 16-7 .696 0 13-5 4-0 L1 2 Bulls 16-8 .667 0.5 10-5 2-1 W3 3 Bucks 15-9 .625 1.5 11-6 4-0...

    Would you ever try boxing?

    I think I'd be pretty decent at boxing, but I have no training under my belt. Could you ever take up boxing yourself? Is anyone here a boxer already? If so, what is your record in boxing?

    Well Cavs have fallen off again

    Yeah it's been rough as of late. They need to get back to their winning ways and fast. Sucks seeing the Browns losing and now the Cavs losing. It's never ending.

    If Browns can't make it this year, who you rooting for next?

    I don't want to think about the Browns being out. I don't know if they can afford another loss, but I don't think it'll be the end of their season just yet. I'm not losing hope just yet.

    Tim Boyle to start for the Lions?

    Rumors are coming out that Tim Boyle may be starting for the Lions this Sunday. Which means we will be facing an untested QB starting his first game. That is if Jared Goff can't go next Sunday. My guess is they will just put Tim Boyle in and give the guy a shot. But, it would do us good to go...

    Are we sticking with Stefanski?

    I think for where we are right now, he's still doing a good job. Yeah we're having a bad season so far, but there's always a chance that things can change. I mean, I would wait until the final game of the season to make my judgements. Unless we keep losing games going forward.

    Is it time we move on from Baker?

    No, not yet. I don't see a reason to get rid of Baker yet. Yeah he's had his issues, but this team is in shambles right now. Either be injuries, or just people not being into it this season. We're close to being knocked out of playoff retention, so I'm not very hopeful at this time. I could see...

    Penalties are our biggest problem right now

    Yeah they're a big problem for us right now. I hope we can rain that in a bit and calm it down, but I have a feeling it'll be an ongoing problem for us.

    Myles Garrett On Pace To Break NFL Sack Record

    Myles Garrett has 12 sacks on the season so far. If he can get 11 more sacks, he will break the single season record for sacks, at 23 sacks. Do you think he can do it with the games we have left? Or will he come short?

    Colin Cowherd: Browns Front Office Told Mayfield To Stop Responding To Me

    Baker likes to respond to haters, but he lets them get to him way too much. So it makes sense he would be told to shut up.

    Browns release OBJ

    Well we saw the writing on the wall and it looks like the OBJ era in Cleveland will come to an end. OBJ will now be put to the free agency and he will now be able to get signed to another team. But who knows whether he will perform for the team he does get picked up by. Now let this team focus...

    Think the Browns can rock the Steelers with their defense?

    They need to I think. I am worried that Baker will have some problems in this game. But part of me thinks they will start playing like they did earlier this season. Excited to watch though.

    Nick Chubb should be back soon

    If he can be back for Sunday, even better. But let the guy heal up if needed.

    Steelers to meet Browns on Halloween

    I hope they do something because it's Halloween. I think they should at least decorate the field in a Halloween theme.

    Browns Troll Von Miller After Win Over Broncos

    Got em! That's how I feel right now. I guess before the game, Von Miller made a fuss, saying he was going to kill the tackles whoever they were. Yet, we ended up going over with the win. This is what he said: Then the Browns came back with this quip on Twitter after they won...

    Broncos meet Browns for Thursday Night Football this week

    It's a game I am dreading since we're kinda hurting right now. Baker played eh yesterday, but I wouldn't say he was the main issue. This team needs a lot of help right now, and I hope they can figure it out before we face the Broncos.

    More injuries and problems

    Oh what a game. I was hopeful that the Browns would win and stop the Cardinals win streak, but we were wrong. The Cardinals destroyed us yesterday. We may have stayed in there for a while, but we lost it soon after. Now Kareem Hunt will be out for three games, and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah had a...

    Browns broke records even in their loss

    Hey, even in losing they played the best they could. Honestly I wasn't disappointed about their performance, just that loss.

    Cardinals at Browns

    The Cardinals will be coming to our home this Sunday, and even though they're 5-0 and playing hot right now, I think the Browns are just an overall better team. Cardinals are good, but I feel like they won't know what's coming with the Browns. Expec the Browns to play hard this game. I think...