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    Your thoughts on this recent trade rumor for the Browns?

    What are your thoughts on this rumor that the Browns have reportedly "checked in" on Broncos Garett Bolles as their confidence in Jedrick Wills has taken a hit. Posted in BrownsNation pages Via @NFLNotify
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    What's the best catch so far in 2023 NFL season?

    I'm picking this one. Justin Jefferson completes Kirko's pass in the endzone and did the "too little" celly 😱🥶
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    Your thoughts on Gerald McCoy said on Deshaun Watson?

    Your thought's on Gerald McCoy's assessment on Deshaun Watson's teammates may have been frustrated to Watson because they didn’t feel like he was angry about not being able to be on the field...
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    Predict CMC's stat line in Week 6 against the Browns

    Predict the stats that CMC will produce in their Week 6 battle against the Cleveland Browns
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    Andrew Berry loves what he's seeing from Jim Schwartz and the Browns defense💪

    Andrew Berry gave a ton of credit to Jim Schwartz and the defensive staff for transforming the #Browns into a top defensive team in the NFL. erry
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    Here's mine. When Bron dunked on K-Love, then later on, Love "friendly" choked Lebron. Just a wholesome moment from former Cavs teammates <3
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    What is your favorite Lebron and Kevin Love moment?
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    Evan Mobley aims to take a huge leap in his game this season

    I hope he has unlocked something on his offensive side. I want to see a lot of offense from him, particularly with his shooting.
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    Evan Mobley aims to take a huge leap in his game this season

    Evan Mobley is aiming to level up his game this season as he said that he wants to be an All-Star and win the Defensive Player of the Year. Looking forward to seeing the improvement of Mobley this year.
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    The good news on Nick Chubb's successful MCL surgery

    According to Adam Schefter, the doctors operated and repaired Nick Chubb's MCL and discovered that they still needed to fix his ACL with an additional surgery. HOWEVER, NICK CHUBB IS EXPECTED TO BE RECOVERED AND RETURN ON THE NEXT NFL SEASON. This is a good news for me. Praying for Chubb's...
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    Roquan Smith said the Ravens are going over in Cleveland to beat Browns' tails in front of their wife and kids in Week 4

    This is an extra motivation for Anthony Walker and the Browns to beat the Ravens on Sunday. Read this article on what Anthony Walker said =2&hash=0f82a217e55394fd8ad1d313e96fc4c9']Attach files
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    A possibility for DTR to start in Week 4

    With Deshaun Watson nursing a shoulder injury and being limited again in today's practice for the #Browns, I think this is a sign that Dorian Thompson-Robinson could potentially be the QB1 for Week 4. I'm kind of excited for him. I want to see some action from DTR :)