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  1. Baker Backer

    Rams Cam Akers out season due to Torn Achilles

    That's such sucky news. I hope he makes a full recovery and it doesn't change his play. He's young, he'll bounce back from this fast.
  2. Baker Backer

    Sports books in Vegas thinks Aaron Rodgers will decide to retire

    Well that may not be the case anymore, as it's being reported that Rodgers will be playing for the Packers after all.
  3. Baker Backer

    Is Deshaun Watson done in the NFL?

    For those who don't know, Deshaun Watson, QB of the Houston Texans, is being accused by up to 22 women of sexual assault and other such offenses. I guess the Texans wanted to trade him for a while now, but the lawsuits against him, stopped them from going forward with it. I don't see any team...
  4. Baker Backer

    Will the XFL come back better?

    idk, I want more football. Once the NFL season ends, I have that to look forward next.
  5. Baker Backer

    Game 1 Predictions, lets go! (Browns vs. Chiefs)

    Browns baby! I have a good feeling about this team, they're going to win.
  6. Baker Backer

    When do you think most sports will be vaccinated from Covid?

    I think by the start of the season players will be ready. But, I think anyone not vaccinated will have to sit out until they are.
  7. Baker Backer

    Will Odell Beckham Jr. play his best after his ACL surgery?

    I hope he plays the best he ever has, because I know he has the skills. And with how he looks healthy now, I think he's going to be back to his original self. I just hope he can stay healthy throughout the season, as he is injury prone these days. If he can stay healthy all year, he could be a...
  8. Baker Backer

    PFN Names OBJ As An Overrated Player In 2021

    Just wait until he shows off in the coming season. I think OBJ has something to prove, and he's going to do it this year.
  9. Baker Backer

    Think team USA can win gold in basketball during the Olympics?

    Team USA lost their first exhibition game against Nigeria I think it was, and many fans were worried they wouldn't be able to get gold. But, I believe since those are just exhibition, they don't count? Or am I wrong on that? Either way, I'm rooting for Team USA. Do you think they can win gold...
  10. Baker Backer

    Bareknuckle boxing

    Has anyone here watched that bare-knuckle boxing that's been becoming more popular as of late? I hear Paige VanZant is actually doing bare-knuckle boxing right now. She was previously in the UFC. Would you ever do bareknuckle boxing?
  11. Baker Backer

    My prediction for the Browns this year - 13-4

    I second that, a 13-4 season would be nice, but what would be even nicer, is if they went 15-2 or 14-3, or even 17-0. That'd be impressive.
  12. Baker Backer

    Baker Mayfield, possible MVP?

    Nope, you can actually start voting for possible MVP candidates day one from what I hear.
  13. Baker Backer

    Aaron Rodgers might opt out of the 2021 season

    I really think he's going to take this option if they don't trade him. Honestly, he could also use this as a bluff to get them to trade him. When is the trade deadline?
  14. Baker Backer

    Poirier vs. McGregor 3

    This fight is taking place on July 10th and I can't wait. I just want to see these two duke it out forever. I think McGregor is going to win this one. I really do. I think he will have trained the best he ever has yet. Who's your guess on who is winning?
  15. Baker Backer

    NC State Baseball team out of CWS because of Covid protocols

    This is devastating news, as NC State was just one win away from heading to the National Championship, but due to covid protocols and not having enough players, they were forced to forfeit. This covid virus has been a burden on things for far too long. Here's hopefully the end of covid in the...
  16. Baker Backer

    Myles Garrett get 25th on PFF’s 50 Best Players List

    Chubb landed the 37th position, so it's nice to see some Browns players getting repped on this list. Read about it here: Browns Nation
  17. Baker Backer

    NFL player Carl Nassib comes out as Gay

    The wave of support for him made me happy. This world has been so hateful, and yet, this seems to be drawing more praise than hate, and I love it. I'm sure there are other players in the NFL who are gay, and maybe Carl Nassib coming out, will help more sports players come out as well. idk if...
  18. Baker Backer

    What team worries you the most in 2021?

    Ravens in our division for the most part, but the Steelers can always make a comeback this year, so don't always count them out. But yeah, Ravens are the biggest threat, because if they win the division, that makes things harder for the Browns.
  19. Baker Backer

    Baker Mayfield, possible MVP?

    I'm rooting for that possibility, because you know me, I'm a huge fan of Baker and want to see him succeed. And him winning MVP will start to make people really talk I think.
  20. Baker Backer

    NBA Players you want playing for team USA in the Olympics

    The Olympics are coming this summer and team USA needs to select their players. Who do you see making the cut? LeBron James is a given, maybe Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, James Harden and more. What other players do you want to see added to the USA Olympic team? And what NBA stars will be joining...