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  1. DAcamron

    Will Odell Beckham Jr. play his best after his ACL surgery?

    I expect him to play good this year, that's a given. But I do worry that his past injury may come back to haunt him. But, we'll see how things go this season. I'm excited to watch.
  2. DAcamron

    More leagues coming down with cases of covid

    I too have been seeing it a lot as of late. So many athletes coming down with covid, even some people in the Olympics have come down with Covid, or so I heard. It's all about getting everyone vaccinated, and people are too good to get the vaccine sometimes. I don't get it.
  3. DAcamron

    Sports books in Vegas thinks Aaron Rodgers will decide to retire

    Well they're dead wrong, as he's confirmed to be playing this year for the Packers. But it seems he wants Randal Cobb to be traded for as well.
  4. DAcamron

    Will the XFL come back better?

    I want to give it a chance, because more football is always a plus in my book. Can they actually keep it going this time?
  5. DAcamron

    Browns players you can see making the pro bowl

    I think it'll mostly just be Garrett and Chubb, but if this team plays on a higher level this season, we could see more grace the pro bowl team for 2022.
  6. DAcamron

    Will Odell Beckham Jr. play his best after his ACL surgery?

    I can't say for certain, but I think overall, he'll have a fine season. I think it'd rock if he can play his best season, but I'm not betting on that after having surgery like that.
  7. DAcamron

    Will Dustin Poirier get a title shot next? (UFC)

    What's next on his plate? I figure it's going to be the champ, since he decided to give Connor another fight. This time he's going to do what he wants, and I bet he chooses fighting the champ.
  8. DAcamron

    How many different sports have you played in your life?

    I've mostly only played football and also played some basketball during gus macker. Good times. But, I didn't stick with it for long and later only did football.
  9. DAcamron

    Pathers veteran Ted Ginn Jr. is retiring

    Yeah, 13 years or isn't a bad amount of time. I bet this guy is in the hall of fake very soon.
  10. DAcamron

    Conor McGregor says he had stress fractures in his leg prior to fight

    Yeah so this was interesting. It sounds like McGregor had this injury for some time already and the fight clearly caused a lot more damage. McGregor knew he had stress fractures in his leg, as Dana White and the UFC doctors even knew. If this is all true, I can't see this being good for Dana...
  11. DAcamron

    What happens if the Browns don't live up to the hype?

    I don't know about anyone getting fired. I mean, if they play so bad they go like 5-12 or something, then yeah maybe, but I think if they win enough games, they will be safe until next season. But yeah, if they lose this season, I can see some players being traded, especially OBJ if he doesn't...
  12. DAcamron

    NBA Playoffs & Finals

    Update on the NBA finals, the Bucks have since tied it up, to 2-2 on the series. So it could be anyone's game from here on out. I still think the Suns will take it, but the Bucks aren't to be taken lightly either.
  13. DAcamron

    Scott Pioli: It Would Be 'Great' if Lions Played Browns in Super Bowl LVI

    Honestly, I would welcome that. Two teams that have had a history of bad luck, meeting each other in the Super Bowl, would be quite the redemption story for both teams.
  14. DAcamron

    Sha'Carri Richardson suspended from Olympics for marijuana use

    Yup, the rules need to change and soon. This is becoming a joke.
  15. DAcamron

    Browns Players Show Up In Vegas For UFC 264

    Hmm, I didn't even know about this. Pretty cool. Some Browns players showed up to UFC 264 to watch the fights. Browns players at the show were: Baker Mayfield, David Njoku, Austin Hooper, and Odell Beckham Jr. As well, former NFL star Greg Hardy was there. Source -...
  16. DAcamron

    Are you worried the hype will cause us to lose?

    I'm not worried anymore. I stopped worrying years ago to be honest. I've witnessed this team lose so much, that losing again really isn't a burden on me. I do want the Browns to win, but I'm not going to throw a fit if they do lose. But, I don't think they will lost a lot this year. I think a...
  17. DAcamron

    lol Joique Bell predicts Lions will go 4-13

    idk, I can see Lions playing like crap, but I don't know if they'll do that bad. But, @Browns4Life is probably right. Since they have a different QB on team, it could go either way.
  18. DAcamron Names Cleveland Browns As Most Complete Team

    I have to agree with them, because I think we do have the most complete team. Everything about this team seems promising, and I can't wait to see what we get this year.
  19. DAcamron

    Can the Browns finish with the best record in the AFC?

    Can they finish with the best record? I truly believe so. They got a team capable of it.
  20. DAcamron

    Kareem Hunt wants to play with Nick Chubb for a long time

    Let them play together forever!