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  1. Baker Backer

    Is Deshaun Watson done in the NFL?

    For those who don't know, Deshaun Watson, QB of the Houston Texans, is being accused by up to 22 women of sexual assault and other such offenses. I guess the Texans wanted to trade him for a while now, but the lawsuits against him, stopped them from going forward with it. I don't see any team...
  2. Baker Backer

    Think team USA can win gold in basketball during the Olympics?

    Team USA lost their first exhibition game against Nigeria I think it was, and many fans were worried they wouldn't be able to get gold. But, I believe since those are just exhibition, they don't count? Or am I wrong on that? Either way, I'm rooting for Team USA. Do you think they can win gold...
  3. Baker Backer

    Bareknuckle boxing

    Has anyone here watched that bare-knuckle boxing that's been becoming more popular as of late? I hear Paige VanZant is actually doing bare-knuckle boxing right now. She was previously in the UFC. Would you ever do bareknuckle boxing?
  4. Baker Backer

    Poirier vs. McGregor 3

    This fight is taking place on July 10th and I can't wait. I just want to see these two duke it out forever. I think McGregor is going to win this one. I really do. I think he will have trained the best he ever has yet. Who's your guess on who is winning?
  5. Baker Backer

    NC State Baseball team out of CWS because of Covid protocols

    This is devastating news, as NC State was just one win away from heading to the National Championship, but due to covid protocols and not having enough players, they were forced to forfeit. This covid virus has been a burden on things for far too long. Here's hopefully the end of covid in the...
  6. Baker Backer

    NBA Players you want playing for team USA in the Olympics

    The Olympics are coming this summer and team USA needs to select their players. Who do you see making the cut? LeBron James is a given, maybe Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, James Harden and more. What other players do you want to see added to the USA Olympic team? And what NBA stars will be joining...
  7. Baker Backer

    Browns have the best pass rush?

    Well according to Browns Nation, they may have the scariest pass rush in the league. Andrew Berry has been rebuilding the secondary for a bit, and they think the younger players in the secondary might add a lot of help in the pass rush. I would love to see this team with a powerful defense. It...
  8. Baker Backer

    Jay Cutler had 15 concussions in his career

    What?!?! That's crazy. But I can see it with how he was often sacked in his career. I felt bad for the guy after he took so many hits in his career. But, suffering through 15 concussions is scary stuff. Makes you wonder if he could get CTE from that. As well, what about other players in the...
  9. Baker Backer

    Terrance McKinney TKOs Matt Frevola in 7 seconds, injures leg in celebration

    This is a tough one. Terrance McKinney TKO'd Matt Frevola during their recent UFC fight. In celebration of his win, McKinney jumped up on the octagon and jumped back down, landing awkwardly causing injury to his leg. You can see it near the end of the video at the link below. He gets a great...
  10. Baker Backer

    Would you like Richard Sherman on the Browns?

    Browns Nation posted an article here - That is asking if Sherman could be a good fit for the Browns. Do you think he could be? I would love to have Sherman playing for us, as that gives us a big boost. Do you...
  11. Baker Backer

    Danny Vitale Announces His Retirement

    Congrats ton Danny Vitale on his retirement. May he have a long and happy life spending with family & friends. He played at FB for the Browns. He announced on LinkedIn that he was ready to retire his body from football. And hey, who wouldn't, football is a very damaging thing to ones body...
  12. Baker Backer

    Who will be next to jump into the boxing world?

    We've seen many influencers jump into the world of boxing as of late, and it made me wonder why that is. Who will be next to jump into the boxing world from the influencer side of things? Who would you like to see make the jump? Maybe more YouTubers or other social media influencers? Or, would...
  13. Baker Backer

    LeBron leaves right at end of game after loss to the Suns

    So the Suns went over the Lakers 4-2 in the first round of the NBA playoffs. LeBron I guess, walked off the court once the clock struck 0, and didn't stick around to shake hands. Just seems like he is being a baby here. Can't ya give these guys the benefit of winning and congratulate them...
  14. Baker Backer

    Matthew Stafford and the Rams

    The Rams traded for Matthew Stafford. Honestly, I think it's an okay move, but not great. I don't think Stafford is going to save this team. I think they'll do good for a bit, and then Stafford will start to get into a slump. Just wait, I can see this happening. But, what do you think? Will...
  15. Baker Backer

    Predictions on how Odell Beckham will play in 2021

    2020 was a great year all round for the Browns team, including Odell Beckham. The year prior, there was rumors of him wanting out, and now this team is like a well oiled team. So, do you think Odell Beckham will have another great season? Maybe even play better than he did in 2020?
  16. Baker Backer

    Will Baker perform better this year?

    Lets face it, 2020 was a great year for the Browns, they had a winning season, going 11-5 and won a playoff game before inevitably losing their second game. But, they still broke out of that losing slump they were all so used to at this point. Baker played the best he has ever played, and looked...
  17. Baker Backer

    What sites do you use to get tickets?

    This year with covid finally bowing out, I wanted to finally get back to seeing games live. But, I curious about what sites you guys use. I used to use Stubhub, but am always looking for as good or better options. Any suggestions for others would be great! :)
  18. Baker Backer

    Do the Browns have it in them to win the Super Bowl this season?

    My hopes are simple, I want my boys to get a Super Bowl win. Getting to the playoffs and winning a game last year was awesome. They were so close to getting there, but unfortunately they couldn't make it happen. But, I believe this team is growing in maturity and I think they could be real...