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  1. Grant77

    Chubb could be traded to free up cap space?

    There is no way the Browns will trade Chubb, no way, no how. Especially since I think Kareem Hunt will end up being traded as he too is a great running back, but Chubb takes the majority of the runs. I think Hunt wants to be the main guy for a team, and he can't do it with the Browns. I'm...
  2. Grant77

    Can the Browns land TE Tucker Kraft?

    The Browns and 14 other teams met with tight end Tucker Kraft (South Dakota State) during the combine recently. Do you think the Browns can land him during the draft, or will one of the other 14 teams go for him? Those teams can be viewed in the tweet below...
  3. Grant77

    Deshaun Watson hints at recruiting DeAndre Hopkins

    Dude this would be pretty cool if they can make it happen, but I don't think it will. Cardinals could consider trading the standout wideout DeAndre Hopkins, who previously played with Deshaun Watson in Houston. Recently Watson was on a podcast and discussed Hopkins and that he'd be in the same...
  4. Grant77

    2 Free Agent Linebackers The Browns Should Target

    They're for sure going to weigh their options in free agency. Money talks and they want a good deal too. My guess is that we'll go for Tremaine Edmunds, as he's a talent that will continue to grow and mature and could be a great talent in his prime. He probably isn't near his prime yet either.
  5. Grant77

    Time to move on from Safety John Johnson III?

    I think it's time, he hasn't shown any growth and it looks like he doesn't even want to be there anymore. He's doesn't want to try anymore I guess.
  6. Grant77

    Browns sign DT Michael Dwumfour

    To be exact, he was signed to a future/reserve contract, which doesn't sound all too great. No details on the deal he received. But hey, maybe he can be a difference maker. He recently played for the Texans only playing in around 7 games total and then ended last year playing for the 49ers after...
  7. Grant77

    We may lose Chad O’Shea?

    I'd hate to see him go, but I would understand if he wants to take a job elsewhere, especially an upgraded job. I'm sure we can find a suitable replacement.
  8. Grant77

    Nick Chubb Is A Finalist For FedEx Ground Player Of The Year

    I've been putting up votes almost daily. Seems to accept votes every day. Not sure if you can keep doing it over and over, but I wouldn't in case I disqualifies your vote.
  9. Grant77

    Browns Hire Jim Schwartz As Defensive Coordinator

    I'm good with this. He helped the Eagles get to a super bowl, so I'm so for him helping with our defense. He sounds like the perfect person for it now.
  10. Grant77

    Nick Chubb Is A Finalist For FedEx Ground Player Of The Year

    He got my vote. Everyone get your votes in. I want to see Chubb get it.
  11. Grant77

    Candidates for Browns new Defensive Coordinator

    I hear Flores is being interviewed by another team, so the chance of us getting him has probably gone down. We have to make moves soon, otherwise all of the candidates will find new positions before we can find a new DC for us.
  12. Grant77

    Predictions for Watson's performance next year

    I'll just say this, I think he has potential to do good for us. Yes he has a ton of baggage, but if he can keep it out of the game, I can see him doing some great things next season.
  13. Grant77

    Will Browns win their final game? Playing the Steelers

    Would be nice to see the Steelers lose, and in turn be taken out of playoff contention. I hope we can win, could be our little title game to end the year, stopping the Steelers from going to the playoffs.
  14. Grant77

    Joe Thomas Is Named A Pro Football HOF Finalist

    I hope he gets it. To get that close and not get in sucks. I think all finalists should be included. You'd think with how many talents we have over the years, they'd give out more hall of fame spots. But I guess they like to give a small amount each year.
  15. Grant77

    Amari Cooper wants to hit 1000 yards receiving and then some

    Of yeah he should be able to hit 1000 yards no problem, well that is at least if Watson doesn't take it up by rushing all the time. But I think he'll hit 1000 yards receiving in a couple games. He could do it this weekend.
  16. Grant77

    This is why Watson wanted to come to the Browns

    I didn't expect Watson to come here, and honestly wasn't sure he would fit in. But I'm still unsure about him. But he is sure about the Browns, so sure in fact that he chose to come to the Browns because of the way he and Kevin Stefanski could talk about football. It was because of that, he...
  17. Grant77

    Betting on sports, do you do it?

    I have thought of it, but I don't think I'd ever do it. Main reason as to why, is because I'm frugal with my money and I don't like to spend it often. Also, I feel it's a little sleazy idk.
  18. Grant77

    Should Myles Garrett get MVP?

    There's a case to be made, that Myles Garrett deserves to win the 2021 MVP award. And I am so for that. But, I doubt the fans would vote him in to win, considering they're hard pressed to vote on QBs all the darn time. Or running backs. But why not get a defensive player the chance to win it...
  19. Grant77

    Raiders at Browns - We got this - Dec 18th

    Yeah, I agree. It'll be an easier game for them, but they can't get comfortable. They need to keep their mind on the game and win.
  20. Grant77

    Where the Browns Stand in the Playoff picture

    See, we were losing hope. But we could very well still make this happen. Browns aren't done yet.