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    Browns have 9 losing seasons in last 10 years, can we change that?

    I have been a browns fan since 1963. I thought Randy learner would be the worse owner we would ever have, i was wrong. Jimmy halsam and his team, just don't have a plan or know how to build a winning football team. i expect 2023 to be a another losing year. were not as talented as everone...
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    can we finally move on from paul depodesta baseball and analytics strategy and starting drafting football players

    I have been following the browns fan since 1964. i always thought that when they introduced the super bowl in 1967 that i would get to see the browns play in one with my dad. my dad passed away in 2009, never getting to see his beloved browns make it to the big game. i still held out hope that...
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    Great job Browns ownership and front office

    we had the worst QB (baker mayfield) in the divison before the season started. we still have the worst QB in the division and we only spent 230 million and 3 first round draft picks. Great job guys.