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  1. EmSimms89

    Should we keep LB Anthony Walker?

    That's awesome news! I'm glad to hear that they decided to give him another deal. I hope he delivers so that they can hire him to a better deal later.
  2. EmSimms89

    D’Ernest Johnson signs with the Jaguars, who will backup Chubb now?

    Chubb will be fine, and I'm sure we'll find alternative backs who can do fine enough at running the ball. It will suck not having Hunt out there, but I think it's time that the focus goes mostly to Chubb anyway.
  3. EmSimms89

    Can the Browns get Jerry Jeudy?

    Seems the Browns and Broncos are in talks to trade for wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. So far the talks are saying that the Broncos don't want CB Greg Newsome in return, so that's good for us. Could they decide on a deal for a possible draft pick? What would it take to get the Jerry Jeudy to the...
  4. EmSimms89

    Can the Browns land TE Tucker Kraft?

    Yeah a lot of teams are showing interest in him. I don't know what our draft layout looks like. Didn't we trade some draft picks for Deshaun Watson? With their poor record, they might be able to pick sooner, but that Watson trade might have some affect on the draft schedule.
  5. EmSimms89

    Browns have 9 losing seasons in last 10 years, can we change that?

    The only way to go is up at this point. We've lost so much, that I think at this point, all we can do is improve and help bring this team to a standard it once had many years ago. The Browns will be good again, when that is, I hope it's now or very soon.
  6. EmSimms89

    Deshaun Watson hints at recruiting DeAndre Hopkins

    The big reason I'd welcome it, is because he and Watson have chemistry that works. The years they were together on the Texans were probably their best seasons respectively. And having that chemistry again, could help.
  7. EmSimms89

    Browns owner now also owns NBA team

    Jimmy Haslam and his company Haslam Sports group already own the Cleveland Browns in the NFL and the Columbus Crew based in MLS (Major League Soccer). But now, he's adding to the mix, part ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA. Yes you heard that right. He purchased a stake in the...
  8. EmSimms89

    Nathaniel Dell a good get for us in the draft?

    From the stats, he does sound like he gets the job done majority of the time. On average he's close to around 1000 yards a season, that's not always easy to do in college, so props man, he could be a good pick up for us in the draft. That is if he doesn't get taken before we get him.
  9. EmSimms89

    LeBron breaks the all-time scoring record (NBA- Duh!😁)

    So Bron finally did it, he was able to surpass Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the new all time leader in points in the NBA. I knew it was going to happen and it finally did. He scored a lot for us and that makes us a part of that history. Pretty cool. How high do you think he'll let his record go for...
  10. EmSimms89

    League analysts think Chubb would be a good trade option, I say NO!!!!

    Just like any star athlete like Chubb could get a good deal in return. I don't want to see them trade him, if anything he is a player we need to keep.
  11. EmSimms89

    Think Myles Garrett can get more sacks in 2023?

    The season ended with Garrett having 16 total sacks on the season with a total of 37 tackles on the season. Not the greatest, but still impressive to land 16 sacks on the year. Anyway, do you predict that he will pull off more than 16 sacks next season? Or will it be the same or less?
  12. EmSimms89

    Browns Hire Jim Schwartz As Defensive Coordinator

    I'll reserve my judgment when we're back in action. We've been here too many times already, so I won't get my hopes up.
  13. EmSimms89

    Think we'll use the franchise tag on anyone?

    I think we'll be good to let most of these players go. Hate seeing Hunt leave, but Chubb has taken up the #1 rushing position and I feel like we're wasting his potential. Let him succeed with another team. As for others on the list, maybe Jadeveon Clowney could get the franchise tag.
  14. EmSimms89

    Joe Woods going to get fired after the season end?

    It's time to move on from Woods as the DC. He has not gotten the job done whatsoever in his tenure here and I think it makes sense to can him. Get someone in who we can at least get this defense going proper.
  15. EmSimms89

    Joe Thomas Is Named A Pro Football HOF Finalist

    Dude better win it. I don't think any other Browns players are up for the Hall of Fame this year. There is a total of 15 finalists, some of which have been finalists for multiple years. So the chance is pretty slim, but you never know. You can find the finalists below...
  16. EmSimms89

    Myles Garrett, Nick Chubb, Joel Bitonio selected to Pro Bowl

    Awesome, I was hoping more of our guys would get selected into the Pro Bowl, but I understand it's about the fan vote and picking who people consider to be the best of the best. So it makes sense these three made the cut.
  17. EmSimms89

    Browns to face Saints next, a much needed win for us

    The Browns will be facing the Saints tomorrow, in what should be a much needed win for us. Sitting at 6-8, our record isn't great, but if we win out the rest of the season, we could very well still make the playoffs. And that starts by defeating the Saints, who are 5-9 on the season. They can...
  18. EmSimms89

    8 Players Placed on Reserve/COVID-19 List

    Of course, more bad news as always. And right near the end of the season, great timing. I hope this doesn't cause us to lose. We should have an easier time against the Raiders, but still, this could pose a problem.
  19. EmSimms89

    Should Myles Garrett get MVP?

    I think it'd be awesome if he got MVP, but knowing how most years go, defensive players rarely get the MVP award. If you have a top tier QB playing near perfect, they'll win it 99% of the time.
  20. EmSimms89

    Kevin Stefanski Open To Playing Chubb, Hunt Together If I read that all right, it would be together on the field at the same time. I think that would cause defenses issues, especially if they both line up for the ball. I kinda hope they do this and see if it's possible to...