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  1. Anton

    A possibility for DTR to start in Week 4

    I am for DTR getting the start for now, because Watson might not be able to go, or be 100% for us. Time to give this rookie his chance to shine.
  2. Anton

    Ravens @ Browns - Oct 1st

    Ravens I think are going to struggle big time against our defense. It's only getting better with each passing game.
  3. Anton

    Huge praise on David Njoku. WIN>Breakout game

    A win is a win, doesn't matter how you get it, just so long as you get it.
  4. Anton

    Who's excited to watch Kareem Hunt for Week 3?

    I'm excited for sure, seeing Hunt back in the mix is going to be great. Though he does have some baggage from his past, he has turned his life around a lot.
  5. Anton

    Can Jerome Ford end up starting over Kareem Hunt?

    I don't think he will be starting, not with Hunt in the mix. He might get a few snaps to start out, but Hunt is probably going to be the leading back and may even take the initial first snap. But, we'll see what happens come tomorrow.
  6. Anton

    Brandon Marshall Calls Out Minkah Fitzpatrick’s Hit On Nick Chubb

    I'm partly in agreement. I think he went for a normal tackle, but the angle he went at was too low. As a professional, you should know better than to go that low on a tackle. Just wrap em up and call it a day. But yeah, I don't think anything will come of this.
  7. Anton

    Browns @ Steelers - Sep 18th

    It'll be the Browns time to shine on Monday night football! They win against a Steelers team not yet in a rhythm.
  8. Anton

    How many rush yards will Chubb end the season off with?

    I would be happy with whatever he does, as long as his talent helps bring us to the playoffs. He can run for less yards, it wouldn't matter, as long as he helps us get to the playoffs.
  9. Anton

    Amari Cooper questionable Monday due to groin injury

    Heard about it yesterday, sucks he might he out, but anything is possible.
  10. Anton

    Jets QB Aaron Rodgers out for the season with Achilles tear

    What a rough one for the Jets and even more so for QB Aaron Rodgers, as this was expected to be a new era in New York, and yet it ends after the Jets first drive, with Aaron Rodgers going down with what everyone thought was an ankle injury, but after an MRI, it is being said to be a torn...
  11. Anton

    Browns win in opener against Bengals, 24-3

    What a game to start on, besting Joe Burrow and his Bengals was something I did not see coming, but damn color me happy! Deshaun Watson didn't play lights out, but he played good enough I thought. Though that INT was one I wish they could get back, in the end, it didn't really matter much as...
  12. Anton

    newbie here

    Awesome, happy to see someone from Denmark over here. We got fans everywhere! :) Welcome to the forum!
  13. Anton

    Ja'Marr Chase will be the primary target of the Browns defense in Week 1 😤

    Ha! Gotem! Bet they feel salty after that loss to us Sunday.
  14. Anton

    The Browns have hired TE Jordan Akins

    Same. The Browns need a bit of depth in the receiving core and I think Jordan Akins is a perfect option for them. He adds a lot and I think Watson is going to have fun with him out there.
  15. Anton

    Should we keep LB Anthony Walker?

    Anthony Walker is a talent LB who had a great 2021 season, but was taken out for a bit in 2022 due to injuries. Now it looks like he's considering a move from the Browns as he has met with the Commanders recently. Fans don't seem too pleased about the idea of him leaving Cleveland. There's...
  16. Anton

    Getting into the XFL at all?

    It's been fun, being able to continue to watch football after the NFL season ends. And hell yeah, I'd love for us to get our own XFL team one of these days. Come to Cleveland XFL, we'd love to have another team here. :D
  17. Anton

    Deshaun Watson hints at recruiting DeAndre Hopkins

    I don't see them bringing Hopkins over, and I don't think they really should. It'd cost them a ton to get him, and really we don't need him imo.
  18. Anton

    Bubba Ventrone to be new Special Teams Coordinator

    Cool, good signing if it is for sure legit. I don't think they confirmed the signing just yet.
  19. Anton

    2 Free Agent Linebackers The Browns Should Target

    Dude, Lavonte David would be a good get for us, I hope they pick him up.
  20. Anton

    How well we going to do in draft this year?

    If we don't grab a wr in free agency or via trade, I think getting a couple of them in the draft would be good. But, I think we need help on defense. Not exactly sure what positions, maybe a CB or two. But I know we can improve our defense and we should.