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  1. Mike2931

    The good news on Nick Chubb's successful MCL surgery

    That's good the first surgery was a success. Sucks he has to go through another surgery, but damn, it's good to hear he'll be able to play again.
  2. Mike2931

    Former Steelers, now ESPN analyst Ryan Clark's thought on the Browns defense👀

    We got quite possibly the best defense in the league. We are going to roll over the Ravens offense today and everyone else we face. We just need to get our offense in order and we'll be unstoppable.
  3. Mike2931

    Ravens @ Browns - Oct 1st

    It's GameDay, who's ready for the Browns to get a win today?
  4. Mike2931

    Ravens @ Browns - Oct 1st

    Browns are going to win. For some reason I feel like we're going to go on a much needed win streak coming up.
  5. Mike2931

    Browns dedicated Week 3 victory to Nick Chubb

    I hate that Chubb can't experience this with us, well he can, but he's on the outside looking in. I know he wants to be out there playing, but imagine if this Browns team goes to the playoffs for Chubb. Would be epic! But I would feel bad for Chubb as he wouldn't be involved like he wants to be.
  6. Mike2931

    NFL Fines Deshaun Watson For 3 Violations Against Steelers

    Makes sense for the facemask calls, but I am surprised they didn't do anything about the ref contact. But maybe that's for the better. I wonder how much a fine for ref contact would be.
  7. Mike2931

    How many sacks will Myles Garrett land this season?

    Yeah it's going to be a tough thing to do, but Garrett has come close twice already. He just needed 7 more sacks to secure the record. Would be epic if 2023-2024 was the season he did it.
  8. Mike2931

    Who stands to win MVP this year?

    It won't be a Browns player who wins, but I couldn't tell you who is going to win. So many potential winners out there. Garrett winning it would be epic. It would be tough to achieve, but if he somehow hits 20+ sacks, or even breaks the sack record, I can see it getting him defensive player of...
  9. Mike2931

    Amari Cooper questionable Monday due to groin injury

    Deshaun Watson needs Cooper out there. I think he heightens that offense by so much with just his presence alone sometimes. With him in there, we got this for sure.
  10. Mike2931

    Jets QB Aaron Rodgers out for the season with Achilles tear

    I'm thinking this means the end of his career. I can't see him coming back from this.
  11. Mike2931

    How many rush yards will Chubb end the season off with?

    I can see him reaching 1,500 yards again, but I have a feeling he will end up with some more pass yards this year too. Probably not a ton, but he could be utilized more in the pass game too.
  12. Mike2931

    Browns @ Steelers - Sep 18th

    Dude, Browns got this, they are going all the way this season.
  13. Mike2931

    Joshua Dobbs signed as a backup QB for the Browns

    Happy to have him back. If Watson ever does go down again, I have faith in Dobbs to step up.
  14. Mike2931

    Browns have hired CB Mike Ford

    Yes! This was a great pickup by the Browns. Especially since their defense did need work and I think bringing in a talent at CB like Mike Ford, will help us out a lot. He can also help the young guys mature and improve.
  15. Mike2931

    Who else should the Browns go for in free agency?

    If they don't bring back Odell, maybe bring in a WR like DJ Chark, as I believe he's in free agency now so we could land him, and I have a feeling he won't require a ton to get either.
  16. Mike2931

    Browns have 9 losing seasons in last 10 years, can we change that?

    Being a fan all my life, this is nothing new. I've been seeing this team lose all of my life. But now they have a chance to break this streak and stop the talks about how awful the Browns are over the past decade.
  17. Mike2931

    Chubb could be traded to free up cap space?

    Browns would be hated for the whole year if they decided to trade Chubb. No way Chubb is going away.
  18. Mike2931

    Bubba Ventrone to be new Special Teams Coordinator

    Who out of the two do you want to see hired? I'm leaning more towards Leon Washington. But it's because I don't know much about this Bubba guy.
  19. Mike2931

    2 Free Agent Linebackers The Browns Should Target

    They could wait to see who else gets into free agency. They have a whole off season of time. Players will probably let teams bid for them and sign for the best deal they can get. Some may sign right away. If they want to pounce fast, then I think they should go with Tremaine Edmunds, as he's...
  20. Mike2931

    Myles Garrett dislocates toe during Pro Bowl

    This just goes to show that Garrett is a beast, dislocates his toe and gets it put back in place. Probably could've gone back out to play too.