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  1. Browns4Life

    Report: Browns Schedule Workout With LB Reuben Foster

    I have a feeling they are going to hire him no matter what, I feel like it's a lock to happen. I like him though, he will fit in perfectly with this Browns team.
  2. Browns4Life

    Can Nick Chubb Rush For 2000 Yards This Season?

    I want that to happen, but like everyone is saying, if Kareem Hunt takes his snaps, there is likely a chance they will go a combined 2000, but not one of them will reach 2000 each. I don't see that happening.
  3. Browns4Life

    Mel Kiper Jr. thinks the Browns will face the Packers in the Super Bowl

    Right? I think we could go over them if they play this bad going forward. Well then again, we won't be playing them if they keep playing as bad as they did this week.
  4. Browns4Life

    I bet Aaron Rodgers is tanking his season to get traded

    This last game he played was awful and was something we don't see from him much. But what if he intends to play like crap so that the Packers take the action to finally trade him? Of course, if he comes out next week and does just fine, then we'll all look like fools for thinking. But, I have...
  5. Browns4Life

    Myles Garrett Teams Up With LeBron James In Commercial

    I've heard of ladder, but never used their products. They are the usual people who sell energy bars, drinks and other snacks. Pretty cool to see LeBron supporting us somewhat. Wish he was still a Cav, but on well.
  6. Browns4Life

    Would you like an additional team per division?

    If we added an additional team to each division, we'd have 8 more teams for a total of 40 teams. I doubt this would ever happen, but I think it'd be interesting to see more teams added. It would make things tougher, but I think it would bring the popularity back a bit. What do you guys think...
  7. Browns4Life

    New Browns Kicker Shows Off Impressive 70-yard Kick

    He does have an impressive leg. I am glad they decided to pick him up. If he can perform out there this good, I have faith he's going to be a good kicker.
  8. Browns4Life

    Mel Kiper Jr. thinks the Browns will face the Packers in the Super Bowl

    I hope it happens. Doesn't matter what team they face, but if the Browns make the Super Bowl, that will be enough imo, to prove this team is here to stay. Win or lose, they're here.
  9. Browns4Life

    Jadeveon Clowney thinks guards aren't real athletes

    I think it's a dumb take on his part, but I understand why he's saying it. It's a way to hype himself and his team up, even if it's at the expense of even their own guards.
  10. Browns4Life

    Should The Browns Keep Chase McLaughlin As Their Kicker? He didn't do so hot in the final pre-season of the year, as he missed one field goal and kicked a pat far to the right. I honestly feel like it's partly nerves. Maybe if he has some time to get situated, he...
  11. Browns4Life

    Nick Chubb Ranked 26th In NFL’s Top 100 List For 2021

    That's awesome news! He's deserving of the spot too. I heard Myles Garrett places like 15 or 16 on the list himself.
  12. Browns4Life

    Madden NFL 22 worth it?

    Stop buying the game, simple as that. If it keeps selling, then they're going to keep half assing it when they release yearly. That's the only way we get what we want. Bad reviews can only do so much, showing losing sales because of their laziness, should push them to start doing something I hope.
  13. Browns4Life

    Tim Tebow was cut by the Jaguars

    Had a feeling he wouldn't be there for long, I think they just wanted him there for practice purposes. But, I also heard that he wasn't knowledgeable in other aspects of football, and due to that they let him go.
  14. Browns4Life

    Davion Davis Continues To Impress In Camp

    Hell yeah, we may have another potential threat in the wide receiver position in Davion Davis. Do you think he can be a star wideout going into the near future?
  15. Browns4Life

    Weekly NFL talk

    I'm down for this. Would make for discussing recent games extra fun. Great idea! :)
  16. Browns4Life

    How many teams have changed locations in the NFL

    Oh wow, that's a good question. I know of the ones you mentioned, and I think the Jaguars were also in a different city, but I forget for sure. I remember when they wanted to take the Browns to Baltimore many years ago, but they stopped that and that's when the Ravens came to be. Wasn't the...
  17. Browns4Life

    Uh oh! NFL will start to fine players who don't get vaccinated

    I'm assuming so. Last time I heard it was 90 or 95% fully vaccinated or who have taken the first dose at least. But I haven't heard anything about any players being pushed out of playtime. But we could hear more come the season.
  18. Browns4Life

    Myles Garrett wants to stay in Cleveland for the rest of his career

    I welcome him to stay for his whole career. I would love to have him keep his skills for this Browns team. The longer he stays, the better.
  19. Browns4Life

    Should Dustin Poirier go for the title or wait for McGregor heals to fight him again?

    I don't think it matters. Let him achieve his dream of becoming an champion. If he has to fight McGregor, he'll still do it no problem.
  20. Browns4Life

    Odell Beckham Jr. Invests $1.8 Million In Diamond-Encrusted Teeth

    From the images I saw, they weren't that impressive. They look to be at the back of his mouth and not the front.