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  1. Browns4Life

    I bet Aaron Rodgers is tanking his season to get traded

    This last game he played was awful and was something we don't see from him much. But what if he intends to play like crap so that the Packers take the action to finally trade him? Of course, if he comes out next week and does just fine, then we'll all look like fools for thinking. But, I have...
  2. Browns4Life

    Would you like an additional team per division?

    If we added an additional team to each division, we'd have 8 more teams for a total of 40 teams. I doubt this would ever happen, but I think it'd be interesting to see more teams added. It would make things tougher, but I think it would bring the popularity back a bit. What do you guys think...
  3. Browns4Life

    Should The Browns Keep Chase McLaughlin As Their Kicker? He didn't do so hot in the final pre-season of the year, as he missed one field goal and kicked a pat far to the right. I honestly feel like it's partly nerves. Maybe if he has some time to get situated, he...
  4. Browns4Life

    Davion Davis Continues To Impress In Camp

    Hell yeah, we may have another potential threat in the wide receiver position in Davion Davis. Do you think he can be a star wideout going into the near future?
  5. Browns4Life

    Josh Allen, Bills Agree to Six-Year Contract Extension

    Josh Allen of the Bills is sticking around there for a while longer, as he and the Bills agreed to a six-year contract extension that will get him $258 million with $150 million guaranteed. He will be making $43 million per year. I don't get why teams pay so much for players like this. $258...
  6. Browns4Life

    Uh oh! NFL will start to fine players who don't get vaccinated

    Welp, it has begun. The NFL is starting to fine NFL players up to $14,650 per violation for not getting the covid-19 vaccine. It also states that if there aren't enough vaccinated players on a team, they will be forced to forfeit. Do you think this will get more players to get the vaccine? You...
  7. Browns4Life

    The Cleveland Indians new name is...

    The Cleveland Guardians. It was announced earlier today that the Cleveland Indians made their new name change, and it is now to be known as the Guardians. They are supposed to have a press conference today sometime, so I'm excited to check that out. Do you guys like the new name? If not, what...
  8. Browns4Life

    Sha'Carri Richardson suspended from Olympics for marijuana use

    Sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson was suspended from partaking in the Olympics after a drug test came back positive for cannabis use. This means she is unable to compete in the Olympics. I think this is just dumb. The fact that marijuana is still this penalized is beyond me. It gives you no...
  9. Browns4Life

    My prediction for the Browns this year - 13-4

    I'm predicting it now, The Browns will go on this year, to go 13-4 on the season. I am setting this record right now, remember it when the Browns go on to the Super Bowl. Think they can do it? I sure can.