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  1. DaineG

    Jorge Masvidal wants to fight the Paul brothers

    Who doesn't at this point. I guess Jorge Masvidal has threatened to beat up the Paul brothers, or to "Put a hurting" on them two. He even said he's going to beat up all the Pauls. Sorry if your name is Paul, stay away from Jorge Masvidal. :D But seriously, I'd love to see Jorge Masvidal take...
  2. DaineG

    Cam Newton was let go by the Patriots, where is he headed next?

    Rumors were swirling that he could sign for the Texans or the Cowboys. And I could see either of those spots being a good fit for him. But, what other teams could you see him being picked up by? I honestly don't know where he's headed, but I am going to guess it'll be the Texans with how the...
  3. DaineG

    Baker Mayfield Responds To Doubters

    From: Baker doesn't let the outside noise get to him, though he does see it, he tries to push that mess away and focus his mind on his job. Gotta commend the guy. He get so much hate and he's taking it in strides. He's...
  4. DaineG

    Anyone here doing any road trips to see the Browns?

    I am hoping this year I will be able to at least head to one game. Covid may be posing a problem for that, but I still want to give it a try as I want to travel out to a few games. If I can only travel to one game, I would be fine with that even. But, I honestly would love to just take a road...
  5. DaineG

    Odell Beckham Jr. Invests $1.8 Million In Diamond-Encrusted Teeth

    I had to share this one, I couldn't resist. I think it's quite odd that someone would pay $1.8 million to get diamond-encrusted teeth. I understand that a lot of celebs do it, but I feel it is just not worth it. I'd rather use that money to buy a nice home. Why not invest it in helping the...
  6. DaineG

    Game 1 Predictions, lets go! (Browns vs. Chiefs)

    The Browns will open the season against the Chiefs on September 12th. I do worry a bit about this Chiefs team, because they play so well and are capable of beating almost every team. I can see the Chiefs winning it, but I am hopeful we can take the win starting the season off with a big win...