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  1. JonesYJ

    Baker Mayfield's still confused about tenure in Cleveland ending

    Baker Mayfield was recently on the Pat McAfee show for an interview, and he discussed his time with the Browns and how he is still confused how his tenure with them ended, as near his final season he was dealing with a shoulder injury that was inhibiting him from playing the best he can. I...
  2. JonesYJ

    Should the Browns pursue Jonathan Taylor in a trade with the Colts?

    I've been hearing rumors that we may be interested in trading for him, but would it be worth it to pay for yet another RB, and especially one that's going to require a lot of pay to get? I would love to see Taylor join us, but I honestly doubt we'd land him anyway. But, I wouldn't say no if...
  3. JonesYJ

    Josh Cribbs will be one of the best punt returners in the game of football

    For some reason Instagram isn't showing up on here @Arjay Ramos . So here's the same video via twitter instead: Cribbs was awesome, wonder if he will ever land in the hall of fame one of these days.
  4. JonesYJ

    Predict CMC's stat line in Week 6 against the Browns

    He's been on the run of his career so far, I can see him attempt to put up 100+ yards, but I'm hoping our defense steps up and stops that run a little short.
  5. JonesYJ

    DTR is ready for Week 4 action if he will be the starter

    I would love to see him start tomorrow if Watson can't go. I haven't followed this kids college career or anything, but he must be good if the Browns drafted him early. If he plays, I'm ready to see what this dude is capable of.
  6. JonesYJ

    Huge praise on David Njoku. WIN>Breakout game

    Njoku is going to wrack up 100+ yards receiving, going to have a big game Sunday. I can feel it! Browns got this! :cool:(y)
  7. JonesYJ

    Found this funny vid on Browns heading to Week 4

    Haha great stuff! If they defeat the Ravens Sunday, expect more celebrations to come. :)
  8. JonesYJ

    Roquan Smith said the Ravens are going over in Cleveland to beat Browns' tails in front of their wife and kids in Week 4

    Hey bud, already a topic on that bit of news here: But yeah, that extra motivation is going to come in handy when we beat up the Ravens Sunday. :D
  9. JonesYJ

    NFL Fines Deshaun Watson For 3 Violations Against Steelers

    Looks like Deshaun Watson has been fined for three violations he committed against the Steelers last week, those are as follows; Two unnecessary roughness violations and one unsportsmanlike conduct violation, the unnecessary roughness violations seem to stem from two facemask infractions...
  10. JonesYJ

    Can Jerome Ford end up starting over Kareem Hunt?

    I doubt it. Hunt will get the start, probably right out of the gate. I heard too that they might start Ford just in the beginning and then move to Hunt. But I think it'll be Hunt and Ford might get a few snaps here or there.
  11. JonesYJ

    Who's excited to watch Kareem Hunt for Week 3?

    I was sad when they decided to get rid of Hunt originally. I always expected him to be a part of this team with Chubb, as a backup. But he's too talented to keep as a backup I think. Still sucks the way he's coming back, but better to have him than anyone else I think.
  12. JonesYJ

    Nick Chubb revealed to only suffered a torn MCL

    Thank goodness it's not as bad as we initially thought. 6-8 months recovery is still long, but better than a year or more.
  13. JonesYJ

    How many sacks will Myles Garrett land this season?

    How many sacks you think Myles Garrett will end up with at the end of this season? He already has 1 tacked on from the Bengals game, and now they're facing a Steelers team tonight and I hope Garrett has a field day sacking. With that being said, how many sacks will Garrett end the season with...
  14. JonesYJ

    What rank should Browns be at in the NFL

    Honestly, if they win tonight, they could be top 10 with how the field is right now. There are only a few teams undefeated I think.
  15. JonesYJ

    Browns @ Steelers - Sep 18th

    Who's ready?! Tonight we're going to best the Steelers on their own turf.
  16. JonesYJ

    Amari Cooper questionable Monday due to groin injury

    Stefanski is expecting him to play tonight. I hope he can, could use a talent like him out there.
  17. JonesYJ

    Jets QB Aaron Rodgers out for the season with Achilles tear

    For some reason I thought he was going to get hurt, and here we are. I feel bad for the guy, but maybe it's time to hang it up.
  18. JonesYJ

    Browns win in opener against Bengals, 24-3

    They looked great out there. Browns were playing alright on offense, it could be better, but this is just the first game, so not going to worry just yet. But our defense was killin' it, keep that up and our defense will be top of the league.
  19. JonesYJ

    How many rush yards will Chubb end the season off with?

    Breaking his record would be pretty dope, but just getting to a super bowl is all I want to see right now.
  20. JonesYJ

    Browns @ Steelers - Sep 18th

    The way they lost to the 49ers, Pickett tossing up two INTs, I think our defense will have a field day with them next week. Browns are going to win this one easily!