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  1. Baker Backer

    Betting on sports, do you do it?

    Not a fan of it. I fear I'd lose way too much money doing it, so I'll just pass on it. Let the pros do it.
  2. Baker Backer

    If Baker is let go, will he even find another team to take him?

    If Baker is traded or just let go, I'm going to need to get a name change here soon. Sucks that I have to say that, because it's possible that next year I may need to change it.
  3. Baker Backer

    Benching Baker doesn't mean it's the end for him

    Benching Baker wouldn't be the end of him in Cleveland, at least I don't believe so. It might be a good idea to bench him to protect him for next season. And who knows, maybe Keenum or someone else can help us win these upcoming games. Because Baker isn't doing it with his injuries and other...
  4. Baker Backer

    3 Quarterbacks The Browns Could Pursue In 2022

    Yes to Russell Wilson. If we decide to get rid of Baker at any point, then we need to go for an elite QB like Wilson, because you know what you're getting with him.
  5. Baker Backer

    Grizzlies throttle Thunder by NBA-record 73-point margin

    Didn't watch it, but I heard about it last night on facebook. Pretty impressive to be able to do that. But still, the Thunder aren't a great team at the moment, and are struggling. Grizzlies aren't doing so hot either. They're 12-10 while the Thunder are currently 6-16.
  6. Baker Backer

    Do you think Baker being injured is a good enough excuse for his play?

    I hate to say it, but maybe it would be best to bench him for now. Doesn't mean he won't be starting for us next season, but maybe it's time we put him on the bench to recover. I don't think I'm willing to become Keenum Backer anytime soon though.
  7. Baker Backer

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

    Happy late Thanksgiving wishes from me and my fam. I just ate a ton, hung out, and watched the Lions lose yet again.
  8. Baker Backer

    I'm going to be okay if the Browns can't make the playoffs

    As much as I hate to say it, I'm worried the Browns won't be able to make the playoffs. They need to work hard to get the win for the rest of these games. They need to run through the Ravens twice, and they need to do it now more than ever. If they can't defeat the Ravens at all, then I think...
  9. Baker Backer

    Looks like we got Kareem Hunt back

    Hell yeah, Hunt and Chubb running around that field is going to be nice to see again. Chubb has played great this year, even with injuries, I think we'll see a lot of running with these two next game.
  10. Baker Backer

    Browns to face Ravens Nov 28th

    I just noticed, we got the Ravens, a bye week and then the Ravens again, then they got the Raiders and then the Packers after that. So their next few games are going to be a pain to watch. :(
  11. Baker Backer

    Lions at Browns (November 21st)

    This game is a must win for us. We can't afford to keep losing, especially right now.
  12. Baker Backer

    3 Toughest Games Remaining On The Browns’ Schedule

    From Brown's Nation: The games on the list are: Week 16: @ Pittsburgh Steelers - They are the weakest team on this list, but still pose a big problem for us going forward. Week 12: @ Baltimore Ravens - The leader...
  13. Baker Backer

    Think Conor McGregor is coming back to the MMA world soon?

    He'll be back, and will probably be pushing to face Poirier again. But I think he's going to head for the UFC title if anything. Maybe he'll have a rematch with McGregor if he wins the UFC title.
  14. Baker Backer

    So OBJ wanted to stay?

    Figures he did, but that's all behind us now and we can't do anything about it. He's with the team he wants to be with and we gotta move on from him. As much as I hated him leaving, I would hate for us to keep on about it. It's time to move on.
  15. Baker Backer

    Do you believe Esports should be considered a sport?

    Yeah, let them have it. It doesn't hurt anything to call it a sport, as much as it doesn't hurt calling golf a sport.
  16. Baker Backer

    Golden State Warriors are 9-1 to start the season

    Looks like they're going to be 10-1 if they can win against the Timberwolves, which should be easy, because they're awful right now. Still rooting for the Cavaliers though, 7-5 ain't bad, but they lost their recent game against the Wizards. So yeah, not great. But, I still think they're going to...
  17. Baker Backer

    Aaron Rodgers lied about being vaccinated, has covid-19

    Yeah what he did was utterly dumb. And I heard there's news of him being mad because this info was leaked, so that means this was being kept a secret by either the Packers or the NFL or others so that he could play. Just dumb all around, especially since he had a Halloween party recently. How...
  18. Baker Backer

    Anonymous Browns Player Rips Odell Beckham Jr Interesting. I guess a player has come forward saying this about OBJ: So I'm guessing he is just there to get paid and has no intention of making friends it seems. Or at his point that's the way he's going. Idk if I...
  19. Baker Backer

    We coulda had Russell Wilson I guess

    Yeah I agree with Anton. I don't think we need someone like Newton. He's past his prime and I think he will want to be the starter for whatever team he does go to. But I bet he'll retire soon if anything.
  20. Baker Backer

    Cavaliers are 2-2 so far :D

    They're playing the Lakers right now and are losing in the 4th. I don't see them breaking through this one. But, they've stuck in this one, just wish they could have pulled off the win. Especially being the Lakers.