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  1. BigT

    Do We Have a Chance against the 49ers?

    No, Watson. Do we have a chance with PJ Walker?
  2. BigT

    Your thoughts on this recent trade rumor for the Browns?

    They do need to get rid of Wills at the end of this year. Watson is running for his life.
  3. BigT

    Should Browns have played the way they did against the Bucs?

    They looked good against the Ravens, but we will see moving forward.
  4. BigT

    Richard Sherman is still out there

    Should we look into him?
  5. BigT

    Adam Vinateri retired

    Bout time. Should have retired a few years ago.
  6. BigT

    Francisco Lindor Struggling

  7. BigT

    Browns defense should be a top 5 unit

    Nobody has even been talking about Grant Delpit who will be back this year. Dude is gonna be a beast!