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    JR Smith appreciation post 👀

    JR Smith was overshadowed by his mental lapse when he grabbed that rebound off a FT miss in the Finals but JR Smith is the one who can produce next to the Cavs big 3 of Lebron, Kyrie and Love. In my opinion, he's the 4th offensive option of Cleveland back then or maybe the sixth man for them...
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    Should the Browns pursue Jonathan Taylor in a trade with the Colts?

    Do you think the Browns should consider trading for Jonathan Taylor? Do you Think the #Browns should consider trading for Jonathan Taylor?
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    Love these two playing together against Warriors.
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    Only True Cleveland fans will remember this streaky player👀

    Before Kyrie, this guy was the 2nd/3rd best scorer (next to Mo Williams) of the Cleveland Cavaliers during their Eastern Conference Semis run in 2009. REMEMBER THIS PLAYER?
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    The silver lining for the Week 4 loss is that the Browns will enter a Bye Week, right?

    This Week 5 will be a bye week for the Browns and it's going to be a week to restart and polish the offense. Also the time to let our injured guys (Watson, Pocic, Garrett) recover and hopefully get healed up in Week 6 vs. the 49ers. I hope our team wins their next game.
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    Terry Francona appreciation post

    A thread to say all the thanks to Tito and his contributions during his reign as the Guardians' manager: JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT I APPRECIATE WHAT TERRY FRANCONA HAS DONE FOR THE GUARDIANS ORGANIZATION. THANK YOU TITO <3
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    Huge praise on David Njoku. WIN>Breakout game

    Let's go browns, Let's get the W on Sunday
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    Ravens @ Browns - Oct 1st

    I see the Browns winning on Sunday
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    DTR is ready for Week 4 action if he will be the starter

    Let's go DTR. Always ready and confident. Credits to Browns Nation FB page
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    Huge praise on David Njoku. WIN>Breakout game

    David Njoku said that he doesn't mind getting a breakout game and for him, he'll be happy as long as the Browns get the W. Here's the full quote: "As long as we just keep winning and keep rolling, I’m happy. Whatever the team needs for me is what I’m going to do. Everybody wants to be...