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  1. DirkDog


    I wish I had a cool hand shake between friends like LeBron and Kevin Love do.
  2. DirkDog

    Andrew Berry loves what he's seeing from Jim Schwartz and the Browns defense💪

    Our defense has been killin it lately. Not perfect by any means, but they are proving to be a problem for teams and aren't letting up most of the time.
  3. DirkDog

    Evan Mobley aims to take a huge leap in his game this season

    He is the future and I can't wait to see what he brings to the table this year. Lets go! :)
  4. DirkDog

    Ravens @ Browns - Oct 1st

    Browns are headed to a 3-1 start, no way Ravens are going to even have a chance against them. Browns win, 30-20.
  5. DirkDog

    Huge praise on David Njoku. WIN>Breakout game

    David Njoku has the potential to be one of the best TE's in the NFL today. I hope he gets more chances to get out there and show his talent, and I hope he is targeted more. But like others have said, it's mainly about getting that win, that #1 and should be the case for all players.
  6. DirkDog

    Who's excited to watch Kareem Hunt for Week 3?

    I hope he is lights out the best he's ever been tomorrow. We need his talent, and I think he can be a good enough back to get us by every week.
  7. DirkDog

    Can Jerome Ford end up starting over Kareem Hunt?

    I thought I heard about that too, but maybe I'm wrong. Either way, Hunt is the clear starter. I don't know if there's a need to start Ford right away. Maybe it's because Hunt has been waiting to be called up, so he probably wasn't practicing and all that. So maybe he is a bit rusty being away...
  8. DirkDog

    Titans next, what are our chances now without Chubb?

    No way we're going to lose to the Titans. This is going to be where we make our comeback. Hell, at least we got our first loss out of the way, we can now go 16-1. 😁
  9. DirkDog

    Amari Cooper questionable Monday due to groin injury

    I think even without him out there we should be fine. Our offense and defense are going to be enough as is. Amari Cooper can get some rest.
  10. DirkDog

    Browns @ Steelers - Sep 18th

    It's going to be a good Monday night game. Can't wait to see us pummel the Steelers.
  11. DirkDog

    What rank should Browns be at in the NFL

    They will lead the AFC North this year. Could even get the AFC title, or land the North title at least. But yeah, I think we get to the playoffs. Don't care for what our record will be as long as we get in.
  12. DirkDog

    How many rush yards will Chubb end the season off with?

    Chubb had his best season last year, rushing for 1,525 yards in the 2022-2023 season. Could he end up breaking that record? Or will he end up near or below it this year? He was on to a good start early with 106 yards rushing on Sunday, so maybe there's potential to see him break his own record...
  13. DirkDog

    Ja'Marr Chase will be the primary target of the Browns defense in Week 1 😤

    Certainly held him to no touchdowns. 🤣
  14. DirkDog

    Browns win in opener against Bengals, 24-3

    Can't watch the video here, but for those wondering it's the game highlights. Anyway, so happy with that win. I did not expect Joe Burrow, big money over here, to lose so bad. Not one TD against our defense. That's impressive dude.
  15. DirkDog

    Jets QB Aaron Rodgers out for the season with Achilles tear

    Jets just lost their season before it even began. I do feel bad for Rodgers though, to go out on your first drive has got to suck. I wonder if this means this is it for his career.
  16. DirkDog

    Browns @ Steelers - Sep 18th

    Browns will be playing against the Steelers next. After the Browns performance against the Bengals, I can see this trend continuing. I feel good about this offense and especially our defense going into this one. How big will the Browns win against the Steelers? Is this going to be a big one?
  17. DirkDog

    The Browns have hired TE Jordan Akins

    Heard he was pretty decent, so excited to see if he delivers for us.
  18. DirkDog

    Should we keep LB Anthony Walker?

    I wish we'd keep him, but they probably want to free up more cap space. I'm sure they could find a worthy replacement for him too.
  19. DirkDog

    Getting into the XFL at all?

    More football, I can't complain. I hope it succeeds so they can add more teams and divisions. Maybe one day it can rival the NFL.
  20. DirkDog

    Deshaun Watson hints at recruiting DeAndre Hopkins

    I get why Watson would want to bring him in, but I think it only causes more issues with our cap space. We don't need him like Anton said. It feels pointless to even consider it at this point.