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  1. Lars

    Baker likely to need Off-season surgery on shoulder

    His Labrum injury will need to be taken care of this off season, unless they decided to take him out for the rest of the season. I can see that happening. If they do take him out, he could probably get surgery sooner rather than wait for the off-season. But I don't know if he wants to do that...
  2. Lars


    Why do you title your topics "Brownies". Going to be hard to find your topics if there's no title. But yeah, at this point I feel as if Baker will be taken out for the season with Keenum taking over. I would like to see Baker make a comeback this year, but I think his injury is too much of a...
  3. Lars

    Broncos meet Browns for Thursday Night Football this week

    Broncos will probably win, but I hope to god they don't. With our issues though, my guess is that the Browns will lose this one unfortunately.
  4. Lars

    Domonique Foxworth: The Browns Are Finished In 2021

    It really sucks hearing that, but idk what else to think right now. The Browns are in need of a big break, and they won't be getting one until late November with a much needed bye week. I don't agree with him 100%, but if the Browns can wrap their head around these injuries, then yeah their...
  5. Lars

    Chubb not practicing Friday, could he be out?

    He's currently dealing with a calf issue, and so far will be missing Friday's practice. Which worries me, because I hope he can play. Kareem Hunt is also questionable right now, and that leaves the Browns with Demetric Felton and D'Ernest Johnson, who has only ran twice this year. But, maybe...
  6. Lars

    Will OBJ get used more often?

    They might be moving on from OBJ in 2022. I hate to hear it, but if he doesn't get used more, I don't see him sticking around much longer. :(
  7. Lars

    18 former NBA stars are being charged for $4 million abuse of NBA medical services

    Haha of course they are. I don't recognize most of the names, so they must not have been the greatest of players in their time. But still, pretty messed up that they would abuse the health care system. Not like the healthcare system ever cared about us anyway.
  8. Lars

    Browns to face Chargers next week

    Please let it be so. If we can hold them to barely anything, we can score a couple TDs and be good again.
  9. Lars

    Baker wasn't happy with his performance

    I wasn't happy with his performance either. It was pretty bad imo. But, we got the win, so that's all that matters. Just hope he doesn't play this bad going forward.
  10. Lars

    PFF Ranks Joel Bitonio With Highest Pass Blocking Grade In NFL

    Awesome, glad more players from the Browns are getting the recognition. Especially Bitonio, as I feel he doesn't get enough recognition these days.
  11. Lars

    Odell Beckham Jr. Limited In Wednesday’s Practice

    They might actually have him sit the next game if his shoulder is popping out of its socket. I hope he is ready to go by next week, but if not, I think they can afford to sit him.
  12. Lars

    Browns @ Vikings - October 3rd 1PM EST

    Vikings don't really have much to make me worry. They have a good pass game, but I don't think they can go over on the Browns. I think the Browns have too many threats on their side.
  13. Lars

    Baker Mayfield Leading NFL In Completion Percentage

    Dope news right there. Maybe he can keep it up and lead the league all season. We're just through 2 games, so imagine what his stats will be near the middle or end of the season.
  14. Lars

    OBJ could be back vs the Bears

    Yay! I hope that's true. Because I think OBJ is ready, and he wants to get out there and play bad. I understand wanting to protect him and make sure he's for sure ready. And I think he is.
  15. Lars

    Browns must win their next game, yes or no?

    Ah going 0-2 isn't the end of the world, but they will need to start rethinking things if that is the case. But, I don't see us losing next week. I just don't see us dropping 0-2, this team wants to win and I think they take their second game, third, fourth and so on.
  16. Lars

    Odell Beckham will not play vs. Texans

    Sucks that he isn't ready yet, but I hope he can recover and be back soon. No rush, things are still early and we will get through this. OBJ will be back on that field in no time.
  17. Lars

    Triller hosted another boxing event, did you tune in?

    Nope, and I don't plan to tune in for any future events. Them putting a nearly 60 year old dude in a match was just dumb. The fact that any boxing commision allowed the fight to happen, is beyond me. That should have never happened.
  18. Lars

    Do the Browns need to beat the Chiefs?

    Well they didn't end up winning, but I don't think they needed that win. Even though they're now 0-16-1 in the start, it doesn't mean they can't result in a winning season. They lost their first game last season and we know how that season ended up. So I don't think it's needed. As long as they...
  19. Lars

    Should The Browns Keep Chase McLaughlin As Their Kicker?

    I think that would be a better move, considering I don't see much from this Chase kid. He could be a future pro kicker, but right now, there's just too much risk with him imo.
  20. Lars

    Mac Jones going to be a good QB for the Patriots?

    The Patriots recently let go Cam Newton, making Mac Jones, their rookie QB, their starting QB. It's going to be weird seeing a rookie take the reigns of the Patriots, but it's probably needed. This way Belichick can mold Mac Jones into a new Tom Brady. I can see the benefit of having Jones train...