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  1. Hap

    Can our run game improve?

    It should improve, there is clearly some work that needs to be done, and they need to focus that work on the o line. Fix that, and our run game should improve.
  2. Hap

    Andrew Berry loves what he's seeing from Jim Schwartz and the Browns defense💪

    Best defense in the league is right.
  3. Hap

    XFL & USFL to combine

    This is kind of old news, but kind of wanted to talk about it with you guys. Who here is kind of psyched to see the XFL & USFL merge into one league? I thought that would have been a good idea for a while now, I'm glad they actually made it happen. It should give fans some more football to hold...
  4. Hap

    Browns to workout offensive tackle Chim Okorafor

    I did not expect this news, but if it happens I would be happy with it. It would help our o-line quite a bit.
  5. Hap

    Huge praise on David Njoku. WIN>Breakout game

    I would like to see him get passed too more often. If he can get the ball more, maybe our chances would be even better for winning.
  6. Hap

    Jim Schwartz's defensive plan vs. the Ravens

    I am so happy they got Jim Schwartz as their defensive coordinator, dude has revitalized their defense since joining us.