18 former NBA stars are being charged for $4 million abuse of NBA medical services



It looks like 18 former NBA stars and 1 other person is being charged for a $4 million health care fraud scheme. This scheme involved players lying about their problems, in turn wasting health care dollars. The medical claims they submitted were ruled false or fraudulent.

Out of 18 retired players, I'm sure they will be able to figure out how to pay this off. I sure hope so at least.


Haha of course they are. I don't recognize most of the names, so they must not have been the greatest of players in their time. But still, pretty messed up that they would abuse the health care system. Not like the healthcare system ever cared about us anyway.

Eddy Banks

New member
Of course. Just when you think these players can afford health care, they go and do this nonsense. Surprised it was only $4 million with how many players scammed the system.