5 Browns Draft Possibilities That Must Dominate Combine Testing

Mr Biggs


There are a lot of players on the Browns radar, and we should know more about who the Browns are targeting when the NFL Scouting Combine begins. There are 5 possibilities according to Pete Smith of the Browns Digest.

Those possibilities are;

Tyler Scott, WR Cincinnati
Zach Harrison, DE Ohio State
Mazi Smith, DT Michigan
Siaki Ika, DT Baylor
Tank Dell, WR Houston

Out of those five, do you recognize any of them? I personally don't, but I also am not following college football like I do NFL. Either way, I hope the Browns make the right calls this draft. Lets build this team into something great.
No clue either, but I think we do need to improve upon this defense, so the more there the better. Who knows, they might go for each of these guys in the draft.
Tank Dell I hear is pretty decent, same with Tyler Scott. I think they could benefit drawing more WR's in there. See what works and doesn't and go from there.