Amari Cooper wants to hit 1000 yards receiving and then some



Now that Deshaun Watson is QB for us, Amari Cooper is liking the new chances he has at receiver, in that he wants to hit the 1000 yard mark as receiver, and he believes he can do it now with Watson on board.

He's currently at 932 yards receiving this year so far, he could easily hit 1000 before this season is over, and I'm going to assume he does it fairly quickly. Maybe the next game or the one to follow it. I'd love for him to get even more yardage this year. Now imagine next year with these two working in tandem, he'll hit 1000 easily.


Of yeah he should be able to hit 1000 yards no problem, well that is at least if Watson doesn't take it up by rushing all the time. But I think he'll hit 1000 yards receiving in a couple games. He could do it this weekend.