Andrew Berry loves what he's seeing from Jim Schwartz and the Browns defense💪

Alex Ramsey

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Andrew Berry gave a ton of credit to Jim Schwartz and the defensive staff for transforming the #Browns into a top defensive team in the NFL.

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Jim Schwartz doesn't get the credit he deserves. He may not have been a great head coach, but he is perfect when his focus is mostly on the defense. And he's showing he belongs working on that defense.

Browns I think could have the best defense in the NFL today.
I love what I'm seeing too. He's helped this defense become a strong contender. Now we need to match our offense up with that talent.
It was such a good move to go with Schwartz as their DC, because he clearly is bringing it every week. This defense is on another level baby!
Our defense has been killin it lately. Not perfect by any means, but they are proving to be a problem for teams and aren't letting up most of the time.