Are you liking the moves the Cavs are making in the off-season?


The Cavs are making their usual moves as any other team would. Are you happy with how they're looking right now? Or are you worried this Cavaliers team is going to end up being mediocre again this season? I would love to see the Cavs winning again, but I don't see that happening next season. What do you think?


They'll probably have another mediocre season and have to make more moves in the next offseason to get anywhere. Don't get me wrong, this team has potential, but I don't see it taking them far enough.


Not a big fan of the moves they've made, but they're growing and will get better over time. Last season was rough, but I think they will have a better season in 2022. They kinda have to.


Not really. I'm not seeing much of anything on this team and I do worry we're just going to have another mediocre season for these guys. I have a feeling we'll get a win streak going, and then we'll end up blowing it I bet.


Let's give it some time, it's still early in the off season. I think they have a lot yet to do, but they'll get a lineup going that looks good.


idk, not familiar with basketball as much as football, but I hope they have things figured out at the least. Cause I do want the Cavs to start winning again.