Cam Newton was let go by the Patriots, where is he headed next?


Rumors were swirling that he could sign for the Texans or the Cowboys. And I could see either of those spots being a good fit for him. But, what other teams could you see him being picked up by? I honestly don't know where he's headed, but I am going to guess it'll be the Texans with how the whole Watson situation is going there. I don't see Watson playing, so Newton could be a good fit for them.


Oh wow, I have no clue. I feel like most teams have stacked offenses. Maybe the Bears could afford to grab him. I don't think they have the greatest QB right now, so Newton could be an upgrade.


I can see the Bears, but I think they got a QB they are trying out. Texans I can see because of Watson's legal issues. I don't even see the guy playing, so it could be Newton fronting that team. I don't see it being the Cowboys, because of Dak Prescott. But, he is still questionable for the start of the season, so they could grab Newton for a while and then trade him out later. idk.