Can Jerome Ford end up starting over Kareem Hunt?


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I heard that Jerome Ford might still start, but we will slowly weed in Kareem Hunt. But could Jerome Ford possibly do good enough to the point where they don't need Hunt to be the starter? I want to see Ford become more of a name on this team, and I think with Chubb out, this is his best opportunity to show us what he can truly do. Do you think Ford can take the lead spot? Or will Hunt be the leader going forward?
I don't think he will be starting, not with Hunt in the mix. He might get a few snaps to start out, but Hunt is probably going to be the leading back and may even take the initial first snap. But, we'll see what happens come tomorrow.
I thought I heard about that too, but maybe I'm wrong. Either way, Hunt is the clear starter. I don't know if there's a need to start Ford right away. Maybe it's because Hunt has been waiting to be called up, so he probably wasn't practicing and all that.

So maybe he is a bit rusty being away from the game so long. He's been a free agent for a bit.
I doubt it. Hunt will get the start, probably right out of the gate. I heard too that they might start Ford just in the beginning and then move to Hunt. But I think it'll be Hunt and Ford might get a few snaps here or there.
After the last game I could see Ford playing a bit more than him, but I think as Hunt gets back into this team and gets that mindset going, he will take the lump of the plays.