Cavaliers are 2-2 so far :D


The Cavs have started the NBA season with a 2-2 record. It's still early, but I hope to see this years Cavs go further this year. If they can win and win often, I will be happy. I want to see us get an NBA title again. Would be something if the Cavs won this season and the Browns win the Super Bowl. How cool would that be?


3-2 since this topic was made. So hey, it's a start. But it's still far too early to know if this team will be as good as the others in it. But, I hope they do great this season.
They're playing the Lakers right now and are losing in the 4th. I don't see them breaking through this one. But, they've stuck in this one, just wish they could have pulled off the win. Especially being the Lakers.