Chubb could be traded to free up cap space?


Oh goodness I hope this isn't true, but a rumor is going around saying that the Browns might trade Chubb in order to help with cap space. According to the tweet below:

But the good news, is that Watson seems to be interested in helping with the cap space issue. They mentioned he could restructure his contract to help the team get under the salary cap. If that is the only way to keep Chubb around, I hope he does it. That would be big for him to do.

More on that below:
They better not even think about trading out Chubb. I know sometimes they gotta make moves like this, but Chubb is a player we don't trade away. I hope Watson does exactly what he says he's doing so we can keep Chubb around.
No way we're letting Chubb go. Fans would riot I bet if he was to be traded. Hopefully Watson isn't going to focus on the money and will actually take a pay cut to keep Chubb around. Would be nice.
He better not get traded, that would be the dumbest move on their part. Figure it out Browns, we can't let Chubb go.
He better not get traded, that would be the dumbest move on their part. Figure it out Browns, we can't let Chubb go.
Dumb is the word I would use too. Browns have a lot of good going for them, but losing Chubb I think would be a major blow for us. Seeing him run down defenses on another team wouldn't be fun for me.
Browns would be hated for the whole year if they decided to trade Chubb. No way Chubb is going away.
There is no way the Browns will trade Chubb, no way, no how. Especially since I think Kareem Hunt will end up being traded as he too is a great running back, but Chubb takes the majority of the runs. I think Hunt wants to be the main guy for a team, and he can't do it with the Browns.

I'm reading Broncos could be looking into getting Hunt, so I think that would clear up some things. I'm sure they can figure out a worthy trade to help the cap space.
Chubb leaving would significantly weaken the Browns run game. Kareem Hunt is great and all, but Chubb is the leader for sure.
No way they are going to trade Chubb away. Especially now after the rumbles of Hunt possibly being traded have come out. I don't think Chubb will be traded. Hunt will be traded and they'll figure out other ways to fix the cap. They'll figure it out where Chubb stays. No way this team would be crazy to drop the ball like that and trade one of the best players in the game today. No way!
The fact that anyone believes this BS is funny to me. There is no way the Browns will trade their premier running back. If they have to make cuts to help the cap space, they'll find other players to cut.

Chubb is one of the greats today, and will go down as one. Cleveland is his home, and it'll be that way until he has nothing left to give or when we feel the partnership is up.

I'm really hoping that Chubb retires as Cleveland Browns player.