David Njoku Wants To Sign Long-Term Extension With Browns


Hell yeah, let's make it happen. He originally wanted to be traded from the Browns, but things have gone quite good between him and the Browns that he is now considering a long term extension with the Browns. I sure hope they give it to him too, because I think he's capable of great things, and will prove it more going into this season.
Good, I hope they do sign him to a long term contract. I want to see this dude playing for us for a while, as I feel he has something.


I hope he signs a nice long contract, because I think he's going to be a difference maker in some cases this year.


He'll get a good deal if they haven't signed him to a long term extension yet. I'm sure he'll get one very soon.


Anyone know if he got an extension yet? I haven't heard any news about it since. I hope they give him a good deal.