DE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo has signed with the Browns


The Browns are starting to make their moves known, as they have recently brought in defensive end, Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, who previously played for the Texans. He got a 3-year deal worth $19M with a chance to make $22M. He gets $12.5M guaranteed.

I'm glad they picked him up. He seemed to be coming into his own near the end of his last season with the Texans, so maybe there's something good there. Will help with Garret on the other side though. :)

Story below:


Heard about this a bit ago, so happy the Browns are working to make their defense even better. Myles Garrett getting some help on defense should make things interesting. Teams are not going to have fun facing us.


He didn't start much last year, but the Texans got him more involved last year and he showed his worth. The Texans loss is our treasure.

Mr Biggs

I think he's a good pick for us, he really showed up at the end of the season for the Texans, and it shows by his stats. Imagine this guy being involved for us day 1, it's going to be exciting.