DeShaun Watson might go to the Dolphins


Honestly don't have a clue how people are still looking to get him. I know he's a damn good player, but the lawsuits and allegations against him are scary and I honestly don't know why any teams are taking the chance on him.

If he becomes a Dolphin, how long do you think he'll last? If he's put in jail for the alleged crimes, then him going to the Dolphins won't matter. Do you think he can get through these charges and allegations?

You can read more on the news of him possibly being traded to the Dolphins below.



Yeah I heard about that too. Wouldn't surprise me to see them get Watson, but who knows how long he'll be around with the lawsuits looming against him.


No he isn't. They're going to let the guy go. I don't understand how the whole allegations are being under-played during talks about trades and all that. Do any teams even want the guy after the allegations? Even if they're untrue, the damage is currently done. It will only take for the allegations to come out as false to save him now.


Nothing has happened yet. My guess is that they won't be trading him, and he'll sit on the team for the rest of the season, not even playing I bet.