Great job Browns ownership and front office


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we had the worst QB (baker mayfield) in the divison before the season started.
we still have the worst QB in the division and we only spent 230 million and 3 first round draft picks.

Great job guys.


Here we go again. I don't get why we continue to fail almost every year.

I hope next year they can recover, but I doubt it. Maybe we need to replace everyone.


Yup, this Browns organization sure knows how to pick em. Another losing season for us. At this point we may as well get comfortable because they won't make the changes they need to make I bet.


I would like to see Watson work magic out there next season, but I don't see that happening.

Would have been nice to end the season with a win against the Steelers though.


Well Joe Woods is gone, so it's a start. There is a lot more that needs to be done though.

This team will fail if they don't figure out how to build this team into an actual super bowl contender.


Watson is going to turn out to be a wasteful investment. I mean he was for most of the season as he sat there during his suspension. He better get this team to win next season, otherwise we gotta move on to a different QB.

Mr Biggs

Changes need to be made, that's a definite. They thought Watson was going to be the difference maker. Well hopefully he can show that to us next season, because he's going to be playing to keep that job.