Grizzlies throttle Thunder by NBA-record 73-point margin


Did you guys watch the Grizzlies destroy the Thunder recently? They won 152-79, a 73 point margin. They could have ended with 78 points, but the Thunder came back a little near the end. But still 73 points is not a bad difference.

Isn't the Thunder in rough shape these day anyway? Sad to see a once great team losing so badly.
Didn't watch it, but I heard about it last night on facebook. Pretty impressive to be able to do that. But still, the Thunder aren't a great team at the moment, and are struggling. Grizzlies aren't doing so hot either. They're 12-10 while the Thunder are currently 6-16.
That was hilarious to hear. I know the Thunder used to be a top tier team, now they're playing like our Cavs, but even worse. lol