I bet Aaron Rodgers is tanking his season to get traded


This last game he played was awful and was something we don't see from him much. But what if he intends to play like crap so that the Packers take the action to finally trade him?

Of course, if he comes out next week and does just fine, then we'll all look like fools for thinking. But, I have this gut feeling that he's going to play poorly the next few games. Just wait and see.


Oh dude imagine if that was the case. I could see it, but I don't think he would take that chance. Because if you decide to tank a season, it would look really bad on you, considering you're making the mistakes, playing bad, etc. So who's to say a team would even trade for him after playing like that. And if other teams see him tanking on purpose, it may end his career outright. Because if other teams can see it, then why would they want a player who could to the same to them?

There's a lot of factors going into this. I don't see Rodgers playing like crap on purpose, I think they just had a hiccup in their opener and they will be back to their old selves soon.


Dude, imagine if he does exactly that. I don't think he would have to tank it too much, just make sure he loses and then he could probably be traded. But, I think he would be looked down on if he magically goes back to the way he used to play if he's on another team.


lol probably. But it could be the pressure of being back, playing again and of course, he didn't train much before the season started. So maybe he's a bit rusty. I expect him to do good against the Lions.


Well, that doesn't seem to be the case after their win last night. The Packers didn't play the greatest, but they came out with a win. Rodgers passed for 4 touchdowns, so I don't see him tanking the season. I just think the drama and the problems ate at them in the first game, but they're now over that.