Josh Gordan playing for the Seattle Sea Dragons in the XFL now?


Well it looks like WR Josh Gordan, who previously played for the Browns, is now playing for the Seattle Sea Dragons in the XFL. For those who don't know, the XFL is making yet another comeback, it's third attempt since started back in the early 2000s when the WWEs Vince McMahon decided to make his own league. It failed and years later, McMahon decided to bring it back, only to see it fail yet again as the pandemic reared it's ugly head in 2020. Now, the XFL is back and looks to be serious about this run.

Anyway, it's nice seeing players getting the chance to play football, even if it's not in the NFL. This of course could result in the NFL picking these guys up at a later point, as the XFL said they will work with the NFL to allow players to move over if needed. Check out the new uniform that Josh Gordan will be repping out there.

Kinda reminds me of a Browns uniform, but I don't think that's their official uniform, their uniform has more of a white/green colors as well. This looks more black and orange, similar to our brown and orange.

I can't wait to see what the new XFL is like.
If he can get his life in control, he could land back in the NFL one of these days. I would like to see him back playing for us. But I think he'd be fine anywhere.