Joshua Dobbs signed as a backup QB for the Browns


Joshua Dobbs will be joining the Browns as a backup QB as he was recently picked up. Jacoby Brissett is now gone, so we needed a backup QB, and it looks like the Browns have found that in Dobbs.

Fans seem to be pretty happy about him coming back to Cleveland, as he was here briefly before Brissett took over the position while Watson was out during his suspension.

Anyway, read more about this signing below.
We needed a worthy backup, and I am good with Dobbs being that backup. I don't think we'll have to worry about him playing or anything, as when he does, he's pretty competent. I think Watson will be healthy all year though, so we should be good there.

But hey, welcome back to the dawg pound. :)
I'm not too huge on Dobbs, but I respect his skills. I just hope we don't have to play him if we don't have to. Watson needs to bring this team to a Super Bowl.
Slow news day huh? I get hiring another QB, but is it really that news worthy? Good to have Dobbs back I guess, but I doubt we'll see him play much.
I mean, we did need a backup, and this is perfectly fine. Dobbs has history here so he will fit in to this scheme fine. And if Watson goes out, I think Dobbs can run this offense good enough.