NFL Fines Deshaun Watson For 3 Violations Against Steelers


Looks like Deshaun Watson has been fined for three violations he committed against the Steelers last week, those are as follows; Two unnecessary roughness violations and one unsportsmanlike conduct violation, the unnecessary roughness violations seem to stem from two facemask infractions. Though he was not flagged or fined for his contact with an official last week. The total of his fines equals out to $35,513.

That's crazy they didn't fine him anything for touching the ref, but finally it's nice to see the NFL not taking it too seriously. But I suppose in a way they got him with these other violations.
Makes sense for the facemask calls, but I am surprised they didn't do anything about the ref contact. But maybe that's for the better. I wonder how much a fine for ref contact would be.
Wow, thought they would have tossed a ref contact offense to the list, glad they didn't. Still, it's nothing to Watson at this point.