Packers sign QB Jake Dolegala to roster


Interesting, this is now the 3rd QB they hired I think. First it was Kurt Benkert and then they picked up Blake Bortles, which made it for a total of 4, now we're at 5 with the Packers signing Jake Dolegala. If you don't know him, don't worry, I don't either lol. He played for a few teams, but was always a backup and I don't think played many snaps.

Either way, it looks like the Packers are making moves to find a new QB to run things. Jordan Love is still their starter, but I think they're working these other QBs out to see if they could potentially be a starter instead.

It's going to be interesting, but I think this all confirms that Rodgers is done with the Packers.

Source of the news - MSN


They're making moves because I think they fear that Love isn't ready and they want backups to take over in an event he is awful. I think they're going to test the waters this preseason, and see who performs best and go from there. I still think Love starts in the regular season, but if he doesn't do well, they will bench him for someone else.