Predictions for who wins each division in 2021


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Let's set up some predictions heading into 2021. What are the teams you see winning each of their divisions? I think they will be:

AFC East - Patriots
AFC North - Hopefully the Browns, but could be anyone, most likely the Ravens though
AFC South - I think Titans take it again
AFC West - Chiefs, that was too easy

NFC East - Cowboys, though with this division, it could be either of them
NFC North - Packers with Rodgers, Bears if Rodgers leaves Green Bay
NFC South - Buccaneers
NFC West - Rams, I think they will break out this season big time.


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Interesting, I will bite. My picks are:

AFC East - Dolphins
AFC North - Browns Baby
AFC South - Titans (they got Julio Jones, they are going to be a problem)
AFC West - Chiefs

NFC East - Washington
NFC North - Packers (even without Rodgers)
NFC South - Buccaneers
NFC West - Seahawks


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Oh man, lets see. It's tough to pin-point who will win so early on. Things can change by the end of the year and some of these predictions will not stand long. Anyway, mine are so far:

  • AFC East - Bills
  • AFC North - Browns (Please make it happen)
  • AFC South - Titans
  • AFC West - Chiefs - no other team in that division can match them right now.

  • NFC East - Washington - this one is a toss up, as any team could take it. I could see Washington doing better.
  • NFC North - Vikings - lets face it, Rodgers is leaving, the Packers may not be contenders this season.
  • NFC South - Buccaneers - well duh, Tom Brady
  • NFC West - Seahawks - well duh, Russell Wilson

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