Ravens @ Browns - Oct 1st


Ravens will be playing us at home this coming Sunday. How are you liking our chances against them? Do you think we'll land a win here too? Or will Ravens prove to be too much for us?
I'd like to see Browns win, and Hunt featured more in this game. Either way, Browns need a win here, especially the Ravens who are often good throughout the year.
Browns are going to win. For some reason I feel like we're going to go on a much needed win streak coming up.
Ravens are a team I do worry about, but I think this years Browns team is going to best them. Maybe it won't be easy, but I think we'll see the Browns get a much needed win here.
Defense has been a big factor for us, now if only we can get that offense on the same page and this team would be perfect nearly.
I think it's going to be a close game between these two, but I think Browns come out on top with a much needed win. But with how rough our offense has been, I hope we can get it together by then.
Defense has been a big factor for us, now if only we can get that offense on the same page and this team would be perfect nearly.
Exactly, if we can get our offense moving next week, I think we'll be able to get this win. Our defense I know can best their offense, so it's all up to our offense to get some scoring going.
This is one game I could see going either way. Ravens aren't an awful team and have a strong offense/defense structure. Browns are struggling on offense and they're going to abuse that. But, our defense could big a big factor as well.
I really think this team can best the Ravens, and maybe even twice this year. Browns look fresh, especially on defense. If they can get their stuff together on offense, they could easily beat up the Ravens this Sunday.
I am not worried about the Ravens like I was a season ago. I really think our defense will hold the Ravens to low numbers and that should leave our offense with some of an opening.
Dude Browns got this, they got their first loss out of the way, and I can see them finally getting something going on offense.
Ravens I think are going to struggle big time against our defense. It's only getting better with each passing game.
Browns are headed to a 3-1 start, no way Ravens are going to even have a chance against them. Browns win, 30-20.
Browns are going to have their best game of the season when they face off against the Ravens. No chance Ravens got this, not if Myles Garrett and company has anything to say about it. Dudes going to get another 3+ sacks tomorrow.
Love to see a blowout against the Ravens. Just defense destroying the Ravens offense, and our offense stepping up to prove they can truly go. Browns will win.