Should Kevin Stefanski Be On The Hot Seat In 2023?



According to some, Kevin Stefanski could be on his way out if he doesn't have a better 2023 season. When he came in, he brought the Browns to an 11-5 record, not bad, but his second year in and he had a 7-10 season, missing the playoffs. If 2023 is much of the same and we lose more, then I can see him gone for 2024.

Do you think we will have a better season? A winning season?


Lets wait and see what the new year brings. I know he failed us this year, but maybe next year things will be different.


Three seasons he has coached so far, started off 11-5, then after went 8-9 and of course this most recent season at 7-10. So he's been dropping in wins every year. If he does so this coming season, he will be gone too.


He has a lot to prove next season. His first season for us was great, I thought there was a future there. Then the second season came around and then the third. And here we are. He can't go through another losing season.

I think if he ends up on a losing streak next season, they'll fire him mid season.


I don't blame most of these losing seasons on just him. I think he knows what he's doing. He's also good with Watson and we need someone who can help Watson right now.

And this team has been going through a lot. QB change, injuries, bad run defense, joe Woods gone, things could get better.