Should the Browns pursue Jonathan Taylor in a trade with the Colts?

Nick Swish

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Do you think the Browns should consider trading for Jonathan Taylor?

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Do you Think the #Browns should consider trading for Jonathan Taylor?
I've been hearing rumors that we may be interested in trading for him, but would it be worth it to pay for yet another RB, and especially one that's going to require a lot of pay to get?

I would love to see Taylor join us, but I honestly doubt we'd land him anyway. But, I wouldn't say no if the Browns really want to go for him.
Yes! But even so, our offensive line needs some help out there. Having Taylor would be awesome, as I think he'd be a level up to even Chubb. It just depends on how much this dude is asking for, because didn't he throw a fit about agreeing to the Colts recent deal he got?
It's been on my mind for a bit, but I think with how our run game has gone in recent weeks, bringing Taylor in should help spice things up again. So yes, bring him in if you can.