Super Bowl LVII (57)


I know the Browns are out of playoff contention, but there is still going to be a Super Bowl to tune into this year, and I'm sure the majority of us will be watching as usual. What teams do you see facing each other in the playoffs? It's hard to pick, since so many of the teams getting in have pretty mediocre records, so it's hard to tell what teams are good haha.

Packers could make the cut at 9-8, but I don't see them making the Super Bowl. Same if the Lions make it into the playoffs. My two picks are:

Bills against the Eagles. With the Bills getting the win. I think they have it this year.

What do you guys think?


I couldn't tell ya to be honest. I know the Vikings are playing hot right now, same with the Eagles. I think the Vikings are a team that really want to get a win, so I can see them making the Super Bowl again.

For the AFC side of things, I could see the Bengals making it back to the Super Bowl. This time they won't have to worry about the Rams as they're long gone from the playoffs. :D


Eh who cares, if it's not the Browns in there, i don't care.

My guess if I had to choose, it'd be Eagles (once Jalen is back) and maybe the Chiefs. They've been playing great again this year.

Mr Biggs

We got the picture so far. The AFC and NFC Championships will be happening next week. They will be:

49ers @ Eagles
Bengals @ Chiefs

I think it's going to be the Eagles and Chiefs this Superbowl. I would rather it be 49ers vs Bengals though.


Such a fun game until the end there. What'd you guys think of the Super Bowl? The commercials were a disappointment. It's as if they didn't try. But the game on the other hand was mostly good, aside from that poor call near the end by the refs, I thought the game was great. Eagles were on fire, sucks they lost though.


I skimmed the game for the most part. Didn't care who won or care for the commercials. They didn't even air the full trailers to movies, they teased them and asked people to watch on YouTube. Which I gotta agree, is smart because ads during the Super Bowl are pricey.

But yeah, crap call at the end of the game hurt the Eagles imo and I don't like that. I hate when we see poor officiating like that. Especially the Super Bowl of all games.

Eddy Banks

How about that call they made at the end. I know some will say it wasn't major, but I feel like that changed the game a lot. If that call wasn't made, I think the Eagles would have won for sure.

It just felt like another Super Bowl. Would have been way better if the Browns were in it. :D