Weekly NFL talk


Why not start a topic here to discuss the regular season. With the pre-season starting up and ending in just 3 games, we can get started to talk about the upcoming season and the upcoming games. I figure we got a Browns area we can focus on Browns talk there, but if there are other teams you like to see succeed, or just want to talk NFL happenings for the week, let's do it here. Let's focus on the actual regular season in here. So discussions about recent games, scores, stat discussions, etc.

The season begins soon. Who's psyched?


What team do you think looked the best so far this pre-season? Browns winning their first game was great, and I can see them winning their next two games as well.


I'm down for a weekly NFL talk about not just the Browns. I see other teams that I like and want to discuss them as well. Of course Browns are #1 for me, but I enjoy seeing what the other teams are doing.